Moncloa, a very nice neighborhood of Madrid

Moncloa/Arguelles neighborhood


You are dreaming of a neighborhood quiet, but very close to the center ? Moncloa/arguelles neighborhood could please you !!


Moncloa, a nice neighborhood of Madrid


First of all, have a look to the interactive map to see where Moncloa/Arguelles is located ! I also invite you to read the post “Best neighborhoods” which can help you to choose the neighborhood which suits you the best.

This neighborhood is perfect for you if you like :

– To have a lot of shops and activity close to your house. You’ll find Gran via, the huge avenue ( full of international shops) where all the big theaters are, and also Starbucks in Madrid.

– Running  or just walk around your neighborhood, you’ll love the Moncloa park, very nice  and quiet, you can also go to have a look to “Plaza de España”  very close too.

– Living in a nice neighborhood, full of activities, but very quiet by night.

As a student, you’ll find Moncloa campus with a lot of universities such as “La universidad politécnica,”  and the famous “Universidad Complutense de Madrid”.


This neighborhood is full of students but you’ll also see families and locals live here ( as I said it’s quiet and very close to the center). You’ll find nice flats but you have to be carefull of the period if you want to rent, ( Semptember and January are generally the most expensive  periods).


By living in Moncloa/Arguelles, you’ll apreciate the groceries and shops, the activity of this neighborhood of Madrid; But also the proximity of the center and sport infrastructures such as “Puerta de Hierro” ( 15 minutes by bus with the line 83 or 133) where you can practice every kind of sports and enjoy the summer pool which is very nice with the hot temperatures during this time. If you go there, take a picnic (or eat at the bar cheap tapas) and just chill all the day, on the lawn !


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