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Thanks to Moving2Madrid,  within 5 days of arriving we had everything set up. Definitely worth the money! They also have continued to provide advice and support since then.

Rowan Palmer

Moving2Madrid found the perfect compromise for my relocation in Madrid. I was really impressed by their ability to understand fully my lifestyle needs and to find innovative approach to fulfil their mission.

Sébastien Vautier

Moving2Madrid delivered, and more: not only did they find us the best house, they negotiated, helped set up Spanish bank accts, set up utility services, arranged for TV / internet to be installed and even came to a phone shop with me !

Chris Webb

Madrid Property & Lifestyle Advice

  • The Best Neighborhoods in Madrid in 3 words & more

    Can’t find the right information to choose the best Madrid neighborhood for you ? This list, along with our interactive map, will give you an overview of the personality of all the best neighborhoods in Madrid in 3 words for each neighborhood. Click on the links on the name of the neighborhoods to get more […]

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  • The Cost of Living in Madrid – Rental Prices for Apartments Expats Like

    One of the first relocation question we get from people moving to Madrid is: “How much renting an appartment with 1/2/3/4 bedroom(s) cost ?” For apartments expats like in neighborhoods they feel comfortable living in, the rental prices are usually the following: Room in Shared Flat: 400 – 550 € per month Studio, 30 to […]

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  • A public bilingual primary school in Madrid center

    The Best Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Madrid

    You have decided to move to Madrid. Now, what is the best neighborhood choice for you if you have kids ? As always, choosing in which neighborhood to live in Madrid depends on your lifestyle and needs. And having kids, at least suggests a few lifestyle orientations. I will then underline the key criteria to […]

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  • The 2 Ways to Find the Best Rentals in Madrid

      For foreigners planning on moving to Madrid, finding the apartment, flat or room to rent is the #1 objective. I will focus here on the process of finding a flat and what are your options, so you can yourself decide on the best option in your case. To sum up, there are 2 ways […]

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  • The typical private "colegio" with uniforms and small sized-classes

    How to Choose the Best Private School for Expat Kids in Madrid

    Finding the right school for your children is essential to your kids wellbeing in Madrid. Growing up in a foreign country is a unique opportunity to learn a new language and a new culture. Luckily, Madrid has many options to enable your children to learn and progress in a new environment. The main strength of […]

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  • How to Choose the Best Madrid Neighbourhood for You in 3 steps

    Choosing your Madrid neighbourhood is your most important decision, after the one to move to Madrid. It determines your lifestyle, the space you can afford, the access you will have to your office, to entertainment and green areas. However, it’s the single most overlooked phase of the relocation. Follow these 3 steps and make sure […]

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  • I am interested in buying a property in Madrid. Now what ?

    You would love to live in Madrid. In fact, you are even considering buying a property in Madrid. Do you feel overwhelmed with all the information available, and do not know where to start ? Then I will give you now the 3 essential steps to start with: Prepare your finances, design your lifestyle Do […]

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  • The Madrid Way of Life

    You Have the Madrid Dream. Now You Need a Plan.

      You too, you have the dream of moving to Madrid and living there ? Great. This is very personal and this motivation will allow you to overcome any kind of obstacle. “And now what do I do?” might you say. Well, you need something slightly less romantic: a plan. My plan has 5 parts […]

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  • Madrid’s Top School’s: Three Prestigious Institutions

    Moving2Madrid has done extensive research to help families through the process of registering their children for school.  Madrid being an international hub, with endless educational options available to newly arrived Madrid residents, how does one distinguish the best from the rest? Families who prioritize a top-tier education need not compromise, as our work is to […]

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  • Opera / Madrid de los Austrias cultural neighborhood

    Madrid’s opera, right in the center of the Madrid de los Austrias neighborhood. This is how I described in a few words the Opera / Madrid de los Austrias neighborhood on my post on how to choose the neighbourhood made for you: -Historic -Authentic -Cultural. This neighborhood is one of the oldest of Madrid, and corresponds to the […]

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  • Moncloa, a very nice neighborhood of Madrid

    Moncloa/Arguelles neighborhood

      You are dreaming of a neighborhood quiet, but very close to the center ? Moncloa/arguelles neighborhood could please you !!     First of all, have a look to the interactive map to see where Moncloa/Arguelles is located ! I also invite you to read the post “Best neighborhoods” which can help you to […]

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  • Choosing a Nursery School: 3 Considerations for Ages 3 and Below

    When it comes to defining the “right” or “best” school for their children, parents consider multiple factors–from academics to location to prestige.  When it comes to nurseries, a somewhat different set of priorities comes to mind–particularly in a big city like Madrid.   Being a hub of professional, cultural, and touristic activity makes Madrid an exciting […]

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  • Best in House Maid Services

    Spend a nice afternoon in the Retiro Park instead of cleaning your house all day long. As an expatriate who has just arrived in Madrid or will move here soon, you surely want to enjoy your new life here, get lost in the neighborhoods of your new city, spend time with your kids or simply […]

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  • Education: Religious & Secular Considerations for your Family

    Separation of Church and State is at a crossroads in Spain.  Although the Spanish Constitution technically states that religion cannot figure into state functions and that the state respects the practise of all religions, Spain remains overwhelmingly Catholic–and this has some surprising implications for your children’s education. We have published several articles about how ex-pat […]

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  • Choosing a School: Location, Location, Location

    Per our last article about education, parents new to Madrid need to consider which type of curriculum will best allow their children to adapt first to Spanish, and then to English. A strong command of Spanish is indispensable (imprescindible to the Spanish) to your child’s ability to keep up in school. Yet much of their […]

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  • Choosing the Right School: What Language Should your Child Receive their Education In?

    Most parents consider factors such as academics and location when choosing the right school for their children. Ex-pat families, however, need to consider the language in which their child will receive their education. A strong command of Spanish is the quickest way for children to integrate and make fast friends with their classmates in Madrid. […]

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  • How to Enroll your Children in Public School During Summer

    Last week, we published an article that simplified the school registration process into eight simple steps (link here). As we push into the second half of June, many people are planning for summer holidays–except, of course, families relocating to Madrid at this time. With many public administrations in Spain closing for July and August, this […]

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  • Moraleja – One of the World´s Best Place to Live in Madrid

    La Moraleja was ranked “The world´s best residential area” by the Robb Report´s American publication in 2000 and for good reason! This neighborhood offers everything an affluent family needs to feel at home and make their new life in Spain. La Moraleja has three sub-neighborhoods – El Soto, La Moraleja, & El Encinar de los […]

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  • Pozuelo, the Madrid Suburb to Consider First

    Looking for a nice suburb where you have everything at hand, high standard of living, but still quick and easy access to Madrid ? You have to consider Pozuelo de Alarcon then, also known as just “Pozuelo”.   Pozuelo does not even need Madrid If you live in Pozuelo, you do not need to go […]

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  • How to Enrol your Children in Madrid Public Schools

    One of the primary challenges faced by families relocating to Madrid is public school registration, a process that involves navigating heavy red tape and multiple deadlines. Most publicly accessible information and instructions are only available on text-heavy government websites published exclusively in Spanish, making the process intimidating.  Our step-by-step outline takes you through the matriculation […]

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  • How to Estimate your Net Salary in Madrid

    I will give you a first introduction so you can understand how taxes work in Madrid, and estimate your net salary at the end of this post, so you know what to expect. I will assume here you know roughly how much you are going to earn, and that you will be a fiscal resident […]

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  • Moving2Madrid Property Search

    Buying an Apartment in Madrid – The Real Cost

    What is the final cost of buying an apartment for sale in Madrid  ? How much money will you need to complete the purchase of this apartment ? Did you include commissions, legal and administrative fees as well as taxes ? As a relocation entrepreneur working on the buyer’s side, I will give you the […]

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  • Is It the Right Time to Buy an Apartment in Madrid ?

    Are you thinking of buying an apartment in Madrid ? Or maybe are you just interested in knowing if it’s true that the market is going down and that they are great opportunities for apartments for sale in Madrid ?   Yes, prices are going down. Let’s be frank: the trend is negative, even in […]

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  • Some of the best internet deals summed up for you

    The best internet, landline phone & TV deals for expats in Madrid

    Internet is now part of the essential relocation pack for any expat, since it enables us to connect with our friends and family in our home country and around the world. In fact, when I help fellow expats to move to Madrid, I always take all necessary steps to have internet ready before they even […]

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