Only for the best real estate professionals in Madrid

Work how & when you want | Earn fixed, bonus & equity

Do you have experience in real estate?

Do you have enough with the traditional agencies where they don’t pay you fixed salary?
Have you worked in another country and know things can be done well in real estate?

Are you organised, flexible and known for your attention to details?

If you answered yes to the above questions, we want you to join us!
Our team member all have Masters, 3,8 years average stay with our company, and the very best even become partners.

We are proponents of a healthy work/life balance that combines business growth with personal freedom. We are not like the startup world that expects you to be there 24/7 and always piles on more work.  Nor are we like the corporate world that gives you no time or locational freedom, is fraught with politics and often values “face time” over results.

Then keep reading – Instructions for how to apply are at the end of this job posting

Your main goal is to achieve a 5 star rating from at least 80% of your properties’ Airbnb customers

What is Moving2Madrid?

We’re a small team of people (5 full time, 10 part-time) who love Madrid and believe anyone in the world should be able to buy or invest here. We provide property search, negotiation, and property management services to help people from all around the world buy and invest in Madrid.

Our company started in 2010 as a simple way for busy international professionals to find the perfect property. Today we’re honored to have served over 850 clients. In 2017 alone we helped clients invest over 10 million euros. 

According to El Mundo, we are the “reference for foreigners.” We are the top rated property hunters in Madrid (see our 4.8/5 ranking on Google).

Each month thousands of people profit from our advice. To learn more about this visit: More about Moving2Madrid

Our ideal candidates

We are always on the look out for the following professionals:

  • Agents with experience who want to be valued, trained and with a top team
  • Top performing sales people who love real estate and high net worth clients,
  • Marketing profesionals who have experience in increasing conversions.

Our ideal candidate values the flexibility of being able to work from home, remotely or in our office, which is located next to the Plaza Mayor. You are able to interact with international clients and strive to become the independent property manager of a small growing business.

Most importantly, you are a self-starter who wants to be trusted to:

  • Achieve results
  • Manage and lead collaborators/partners
  • Grow revenue and quality
  • Take responsibility for, and develop, their professional skill set
  • Have a positive impact


This is a typical property under our management




At Moving2Madrid, commitment goes both ways. We are in this for the long-term and want you to be as well.


Professional skills

  • Organization- you need to be able to priotitize tasks and organize your time effectively.
  • People skills- These must be exemplary as your key objective is to ensure the collaborators we have are top level.
  • Process focus- You must be able to define, follow and update processes to achieve optimal results.
  • Communication skills- You are able to communicate easily and fluidly via email, on the phone and in person. You respond to all communication in a timely, effectively prioritized fashion.
  • Flexibility- If something goes wrong, you can review the situation and figure out ways to improve going forward.
  • Problem solving- When faced with a tricky negotiation, a difficult client or unusual request, you effectively deal with the situation, even if it requires thinking outside of the box
  • English- Fluency is required.
  • Spanish- You must be able to negotiate, read and correct Spanish language contracts.
  • Driving- You are able to drive in Madrid, particularly a scooter isa bonus!

The ideal clients knows Madrid well, and is prepared to spend time running around the city.


  • Fixed salary to match the top 10% of similar positions in similar companies in MAdrid.
  • Long term employee status, “duración indefinida.” Initial training, quarterly team trips and ongoing coaching by acenture strategy consultant.
  • Bonus: Monthly bonus based on the performance of your apartments adding up to 15% to your base salary. Quarterly profit sharing adding another 15%.
  • Equity: If you generate growth and achieve your goals in your initial years, you have the opportunity to become a partner.
  • Yearly raises: Based on your evaluation, yearly performance and Moving2Madrid’s profitability, you will receive yearly raises of your fixed salary of up to 5.0% (the average in Spain is 2%).
  • Ability to work outside of Madrid: For 6 days a year you can work from wherever you wish.
  • Flexible working hours: You work when you want, maximum 40 hours, organized how you like to reach our objectives. However, you must be able to work on weekends when client needs dictate.
  • Work where you want: We require the team to be in the office together with a minimum of 2-3 afternoons per week. Aside from this you can work from home, in our office or wherever else in Madrid you wish.
  • Free books: We’ll pay for any books you’d like to buy to help your professional growth. No questions asked. Any book, yes, really!
  • The opportunity to join a small business that balances professional growth & lifestyle.


This sounds great! How do I apply?

If you are interested, send an email to with your CV, or just your LinkedIn URL, and tell us:

  • Why do you want to work with us and leave your current career or job (if you are currently employed) for this opportunity?
  • How you have demonstrated in your career you are capable of achieving the goals listed in this job description.
  • Ways you have demonstrated you are a self-starter.

You can also read the Moving2Madrid Welcome Handbook  Although it is slightly outdated, as it describes mostly how we worked with renters, it is a good way to understand our values and culture. This way you can understand us from the inside and learn what we are all about.

What happens next?

We will answer within 72 hours if your application is of interest and send you a short interactive form to fill with more details about you.

I look forward to reading your application.


Pierre & Cristina