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Why us?

We are your property search agent in Madrid. We work exclusively for buyers.

Unlike a typical real estate agency in Madrid, we exhaust all sources and work exclusively for buyers.



Insider Knowledge & Expertise

  • - We have a solid portfolio with references
  • - We enjoy preferred access to unique properties
  • - Our partners have been hand-picked through the years

Find the best property

  • - We tailor everything to your needs
  • - You will only view the best properties
  • - We provide a thorough valuation to ensure your property's resale value

No hassle

  • - Full due diligence
  • - We cover everything for expats from A to Z, even taxes
  • - Find a property in 50% less time than the average buyer spends

How it works
Meet our transparent process

1. Initial assessment & Strategy

We ensure we understand your specific budget, goals and criteria so we can tailor our expert methods to your needs. This enables us to create a personalized plan and strategy, then define a target date for your property purchase.

2. Search & Shortlisting

Each week we provide you a hand-picked selection of properties. Initially we use these to fine tune both our understanding of your criteria and your understanding of the Madrid market. This ensures you see properties best suited to your goals on your viewing days.

3. Negotiation & Due Diligence

After the viewing days we select two or three apartments on which to negotiate. This enables us to negotiate from a strong position. Our due diligence process ensures these are all safe purchases.

4. Closing & Tax Management

Once a price has been agreed upon by both parties, there is a full process that must be managed to ensure we get the best terms on your purchase. Simultaneously, our lawyers prepare the best legal options to optimize your tax spend and ultimate return.

5. Property Refurbishment & Management

In most cases we acquire properties to be refurbished- this maximizes our clients' returns. We tightly manage your refurbishment so everything goes smoothly and is delivered within time and budget. Our partner takes care of renting your property short term- this typically maximizes the return on your Madrid property investment.

Fees for buyers
Our pricing is completely transparent

You pay only one fee. On average, our clients average 50% more than the average market return. We save you months of work and lots of money.

4% of the final purchase price, after the property is secured.

Why you need us
Madrid can be a very frustating market
  • • There is no single database of properties
  • • Most key insider information is hidden
  • • Availability changes by the day in this fast moving market
  • • It’s a stressful process that takes a huge amount of time
  • • There is no one to explain the surprises or intricacies of the Madrid market
  • • Madrid agents typically work for owners, sellers and landlords

The best property for you
Without the hassle
  • • Our services are exclusively for international buyers
  • • We discuss your needs and preferences and clearly outline our process
  • • Get insider knowledge and preferred access to properties
  • • We ensure you make the optimal choice for your needs
  • • You choose the best property, we negotiate the price, you sign the contract
  • • We manage all the details to ensure you procure your ideal property
  • • Our transparent fees are payable after your property is secured

Meet your team

Get to know the team that will represent you in Madrid

Alina Iurina


Real Estate Investment specialist. My mission is to find the perfect match between great apartments and people who are searching for a place to invest or to live in Madrid.


Marina Sol Lorenzo

Marketing Manager

Real Estate Investments Marketing specialist. Passionate about digital marketing, social media and graphic design. Creative.

Marina is from Argentina and has visited Madrid several times. She is really into real estate investment marketing trends and has great insights about market.

She has a degree in Advertising and she specialized in Digital Marketing.






Fabiana García

Service Lead

Originally from the US, I moved to Madrid 8 years ago and have never looked back since, even with all the difficulties to move here ! I am here to help you find your ideal apartment in Madrid for rent, sale or invest. Ready to take the next step in your Madrid real estate journey?

Brian Mosbeaux

Property Manager & Analysis.

I am an expert in Madrid, communication, online marketing. I am an expert in Madrid. Real Estate and Property Manager, responsible for apartments sale and rent. Manage property investments. I am here to answer all of your questions with a smile!

Properties we have secured

Specific examples of properties, and investment results, we obtained for our clients that they would not have been able to achieve without Moving2Madrid

Rent - Relocation focus

  • Price
  • Bedrooms
  • Size
  • Minimum duration
  • Furniture
  • 2000€ per month
  • 2
  • 82 m2
  • 6 months
  • Arranged by M2M

Buy - Lifestyle focus

  • Total Investment
  • Gross rental return
  • Net rental return
  • Gross return in 5 years after sale
  • Net return in 5 years after sale
  • 358.000€
  • 9.7%
  • 6%
  • 69%
  • 46%

Invest - Financial return focus

  • Total Investment
  • Gross rental return
  • Net rental return
  • Gross return in 5 years after sale
  • Net return in 5 years after sale
  • 455.000€
  • 14.5%
  • 9.5%
  • 94%
  • 61%