The Madrid Property Search company

Hector, Pierre & Linda lanscape (under 2mb)

We believe in international people like you. Like us.

And the way we help international people is by sharing everything we know (hence the blog), challenging the local status quo and finally by serving only international people & being 100% international ourselves (see our Team presentation).

We just happen to enable international people move to Madrid zen, mainly by finding their dream homes. Interested ? Keep on reading.

We are 100% on your side

  • 100% international team – all our team has been through this difficult move experience.
  • 100% international clients –  we understand you and have had enough of locals taking advantage
  • 100% for tenants and buyers – we refuse to work with or take commission from sellers or landlords.

The only property search company by world citizens for world citizens, providing a set-fee all-inclusive Property Search Package.

The only one totally dedicated to buyers and tenants – on your side always, never on the local agent or seller’s side. We have been through the process too, and love Madrid.

They say it too

We are the only featured in leading global media: The Telegraph (3d UK Newspaper), HGTV’s House Hunters International (#1 Real Estate TV channel), L’Express (France) and Spain’s El Mundo (2d largest) or EsRadio (national radio) (see all our credentials)

However, our biggest pride is how our clients rate us in 3d party platforms such as Google : they give us 9/10 on average, or 4,5 stars out of 5 as they put in google.

Like you, they are international people from all walks of life, and include employees from the following companies: Santander Bank, US Navy, Citigroup, RBS, Gartner, Sun, Ebay, The European Space Agency, Renault, CEPSA, Johnson & Johnson etc…

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