Conde de Orgaz- Residential, yet central to Madrid

Conde de Orgaz- a little slice of French life just outside the centre of Madrid.

Conde de Orgaz- a little slice of French life just outside the centre of Madrid.

In a few words, Conde de Orgaz is exclusive, residential, yet still close to the centre.

In this article, I’ll outline why so many families choose to make themselves at home in “el Parque”, as the locals call it, in 3 parts.

1) who we recommend it for
2) our description of the area
3) our tips

We recommend Conde de Orgaz for families who want to enjoy a garden without being in the centre, nor in the suburbs. In a nutshell, it’s a great compromise between having a house and not having to travel further out to the suburbs.

It is famous  for being the home of the largest French community of Madrid, with the Lycée Français right in its centre. Even footballer Zidane calls it home.

Conde de Orgaz starts at the north-eastern end of what we like to call the centre, the area delimited by the M30, the ring road of Madrid. Right after Avenida de America, the north eastern gate of Madrid, you will find the Arturo Soria metro and mall of the same name, which compose the classic gate of the neighborhood for all those coming by metro or car from the centre. Take a look on Google Maps.

Silvano, Arturo Sorio and Machu Pichu are the frontiers of the neighborhood.

Silvano, Arturo Sorio and Machu Pichu are the frontiers of the neighborhood.

From there, the neighborhood take a rectangular form, with a simple layout:
– the main avenues like  Silvano, Arturo Sorio or Machu Pichu, are the frontiers of the neighborhood. Here you’ll find all of the shops and services that the neighbourhood provides.
-away from those streets, you will find only schools and homes, with the main streets like Carondelet and Madroños leading into the area. Surrounding this part, you’ll find quiet, little winding streets lined with houses.

There are 3 main shopping areas:

  • Arturo Soria Plaza and the surrounding streets.
  • Palacio de Hielo and the surrounding part of calle Silvano.
  • Behind Machu Pichu avenue, in the Avenida de los Andes area, there is a Corte Inglés Mall with many restaurants.

Most people living in Conde de Orgaz have 2 cars, even though you have all the shops you need, as well as the metro within a 10-15 minute walk.
The closer you are to the centre of the rectangle, the quieter, and the larger the properties.
On the contrary, the closer you are to the limits of the neighborhood, the closer you are to all the amenities, shops and public transport.

You can now see that Conde de Orgaz is an amazingly quiet and safe neighbourhood despite its proximity to the centre. The neighborhoods even have their own private security even though it’s not needed, as it is very safe like Madrid.

However, there are 2 challenges when living in Conde de Orgaz:

If it's good enough for Zidane...

If it’s good enough for Zidane…

1) you’ll need a budget of €3,500-4000 per month to rent, or €1.2-1.5 million to buy, in order to start thinking of securing a house with a garden that you will like in this neighborhood
2) you’ll need to find the right balance between the quiet surroundings and access to shops and amenities depending on the location within the neighborhood.

This is where it’s important to leverage the micro-knowledge of experts who have helped hundreds of families from all over the world to move there.

If you’re looking for a smooth move to Madrid, don’t hesitate to send us an email!

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