Our fees

So, what is the going-rate for peace-of-mind and starting well a new Madrid life ?

Our fees - Relocation and Real Estate search services


We always charge less than the money we make you save.

We are on your side, and are confident that we will make you save more money and time than any other way of searching or negotiating.

  • Purchase: 40 % of the price reduction we obtain for you, when the purchase and final price is secure.
  • Rent: we charge only what we make you save in rent over your planned stay, 2 years being the average.

Initial Search Deposit

  • Property Purchase Search: 750 €
  • Rent: 500 €
  • Payable on booking the service
  • Fully deducted from your final success fee once you’re placed
  • Refundable at any time until the delivery of the search results,
  • Includes 3 months of support to identify needs, neighborhoods, type of properties, viewings. Renewable if needed.

To check our credentials, do read our about page , with links to verified recommendations on 3d party websites: linkedin, google, newspapers …


We enable you to secure the best Madrid property the zen way

  • Minimizing your time spent
  • Negotiating on your behalf to secure the best prices and terms possible
  • Answering all your questions, on all topics, even after the end of our contractual period.

If you have any kind of question, just send an email to our specialists Pierre, Arash & Milene anytime or have a look at our FAQ.

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