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Why us.

Your Buyer's Agent in Madrid. For International Buyers only.

If you want to invest in Madrid property, want the higher income than average investors via insider knowledge without the hassle that goes with the Madrid market, we are the right service for you.

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Insider Knowledge & Expertise

  • - Live portfolio with return
  • - Data-based strategy
  • - Preferred access to unique properties

Get the best return

  • - 6-10% return, 50-100% over the average.
  • - Return focused reports & analysis
  • - A family office brought to individual investors

No hassle

  • - From strategy, mortgage to management
  • - We cover A to Z for foreigners, even tax
  • - #1 rated investor service in Madrid

How it works.
Meet our transparent process.

1. Initial assessment & Strategy.

We will ensure we understand your specific budget, goals and criteria, to tailor our expert methods to your needs. This will enable us to define a plan and strategy, and define an objective date for purchasing a property.

2. Search & Shortlisting.

We will provide with a handpicked selection of properties weekly to first finetune our understand of your criteria, and yours of the market, to finally ensure we have the best for your goals when the viewing day comes.

3. Negotiation & Due Diligence.

During the viewing days, we make sure you only see the best, with clear reasons on why each property is the best in its category, and how to choose. We will then select 2 or 3 optimally to be able to negotiate from a good position, and ensure these are safe purchases via our due diligence process.

4. Closing & Tax Management.

With an agreed price, there is a full process to manage in Spain to ensure we get the best of this purchase, and will prepare the best legal options to optimize taxes and finally return.

5. Property Refurbishment & Management.

In most cases, to ensure best value, we acquire properties to be refurbished. With us, this is a smooth process, with a certain date and budget, that enables in the end to get an improved result. We also take care of renting out the property on short term as it is what in most cases gives the best return on investment in Madrid.

Pricing for investors.
Our transparent pricing

One fee. No kickbacks from agencies or sellers. we only work for you. We get you up to double the average return on your investment and save you more than our fee.

4% of the final price, when the property is secured.

Why you need us.
Madrid can be a very frustating market.
  • • There is no single database of Madrid properties
  • • Most key insider information is hidden
  • • Availability changes by the day in a now rising market
  • • It’s a stressful process that takes a huge amount of time
  • • No one to explain the surprises or details
  • • Agents work for the owner, seller, landlord

The best property for you.
Without the hassle.
  • • 100% independent - we take no money from the owner and only work for you.
  • • We discuss your needs and preferences, and present all the process.
  • • Get the insider knowledge and preferred access to properties.
  • • We ensure you make the best choice for your needs
  • • You choose the best property, we negotiate, you sign.
  • • We coordinate all the details to ensure you get the result
  • • Transparent fees payable when property secured.

Meet your team.

Get to know the team that will work for you.

Pierre Waters


After being a strategy consultant in Accenture, I realised foreigners needed a service to ensure their property projects are successful.  I’m French and British, I have lived in Paris, Nice, Beijing, Toronto, London, Barcelona, and after many more travels, I finally chose Madrid.

Arash Palizban

Property Hunter & Investment Expert

I lived in Italy, Spain, Argentina, United States and Brazil. I also travel a lot! With my 8 languages I will hopefully understand you better and make your move to Madrid easy and seamless. My parents are both Persian, but I was born and raised in Italy, Tuscany.

Marianne Calvin

Property Hunter & Relocation Expert

Originally from the US, I moved to Madrid 8 years ago and have never looked back since, even with all the difficulties to move here ! I am here now to help you not go through all the challenges others have to go through before enjoying the Madrid lifestyle !


Customer Service

I am an expert in Madrid, communication, online marketing. I am here to answer all of your questions with a smile!

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דוגמאות ספציפיות לעסקאות על נכסים שסגרנו ולתוצאות שאותן לקוחותינו לא היו מצליחים להשיג בלי Moving2Madrid.

Bright 2 Bedrooms in la Latina

3rd floor with top refurbishment and design in one of Madrid most traditional neighboorhood

  • Precio
  • Negociación
  • Plazo de alquiler
  • M2
  • 2000€
  • 1900€
  • 2 years, 6 month min
  • 82

Buy - Lifestyle Priority

  • Total Investment
  • Gross rental return
  • Net rental return
  • Gross return in 5 years after sale
  • Net return in 5 years after sale
  • 358.000€
  • 9.7%
  • 6%
  • 69%
  • 46%

Buy - Investment Priority

  • Total Investment
  • Gross rental return
  • Net rental return
  • Gross return in 5 years after sale
  • Net return in 5 years after sale
  • 455.000€
  • 14.5%
  • 9.5%
  • 94%
  • 61%

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