How to find a job in Madrid…

Think happy... Bee happy! A positive frame of mind can get you  far in the job search.

Think happy… Bee happy! A positive frame of mind can get you far in the job search.

So you’ve decided to make the big move to Madrid, and now you need a job. The good thing is, there are a lot of resources available to job-seekers. The bad news is deciding which ones are right for you. First things first, I’d recommend taking a look at our article which has loads of helpful tips to keep in mind when you’re starting the search.
Having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile is crucial as a lot of recruiting done in Spain is done via connections and networking. You could also try joining the Guiripreneurs Facebook page as people often post job offers there.
Do you speak Spanish as well as English? Hablas anything else? Use your bilingualism, trilingualism or polylingualism to your advantage! A lot of recruiters are looking for people that speak multiple languages, so make sure that you highlight this as a skill on your resumé.

Get your CV up to date, and make sure that it has no spelling or grammatical errors! If you know any designers, ask them if they can help you to put together an eye-catching CV. Make yours stand out from the rest, whether it’s with a touch of colour or a professional headshot. Check out some of these awesome CVs for inspiration.

If you’re a member of the EU, your employer can legally hire you with your passport number, then provide you with a contract so that you can get your NIE.

So now you’re ready to start looking… But where?

InfoJobs (the best job website in Spain!)
ThinkSpain (mostly jobs for people who speak English)
The Local (English speaking jobs)
Career Builder
Bolso de Trabajo
Oficina Empleo
Talent Search People (recruitment agency)
Xpat Jobs 

If you’re hoping to teach English, then there are lots of classes advertised on LingoBongo and Tus Clases Particulares. Madrid is great in the sense that there are always people looking for English classes, and the pay is quite good. The downside is that it is very hard to find stable work during the summer, so unless you plan on travelling or saving, then you’ll need a backup plan.
If you’re thinking of moving to Madrid, and would like some advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Email us or leave a comment on this article. Alternatively, join us over on Facebook and share the love.
Let us know if this article has helped you, or if you have any ideas for further blog posts. We love hearing from future Madrileños!

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