Madrid’s Best Schools: The Top 3 by Academics

An essential component of making Madrid home for your family is finding the best school for your children.  A diverse population of ex-pat families arriving in the city brings a diverse set of needs that the right school needs to meet in order for your children to succeed. Madrid is no stranger to the families of diplomats of executives stationed in the city for a few years–or to families who have fallen in love with the city as a long-term home. No matter how long your family plans to stay in the city, the schools that best meet your children’s scholarly needs have several factors in common:

  •  an internationally accredited curriculum that will allow your child to fluidly transition to different schools should your family leave Madrid
  •  a standardized enforcement of a second language
  •  a diverse student body that ensures your children use their second language to socialize
  •  unmatched focus on student development
  •  the highest likelihood that graduates go on to the university of their choice

Academically speaking, then: which are the best schools in Madrid?

American School of Madrid

Boasting both an American preparatory and an International Baccalaureate curriculum, the American School of Madrid promises a challenging but supportive environment for your children.   The American and IB curricula ensure that your child can seamlessly adjust to a new school should your family move.  And should your family make a permanent home in Madrid, an ASM education provides the necessary tools for your child to excel at the world’s top universities when the time comes for higher education. Academics unmatched, ASM is intensely devoted to a diverse student body and the English-dominant curriculum emphasizes development of each student’s unique abilities.  Individualized support for student of various native languages or learning capacities results in high exam scores, healthy development, and comprehensive preparation for a future without borders.


International College of Spain Madrid

The International College of Spain, much like ASM, offers academic programs as diverse as its student body.  ICS offers students the option of International Baccalaureate and British National curriculum–meaning that the ICS program allows students to continue their education in any institution worldwide.  Despite a strong focus on scholarly achievement, the ICS approach is tailored to the needs of every single student that passes through its doors.  Educational support is offered to students in over 20 languages, so that they can steadily reach the English fluency required in the classroom.  Within the classroom, students are encouraged to explore their innate talents while receiving individual attention to overcome areas where they are challenged.  As a result, ICS graduates have limitless options for higher education upon graduation including Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Universidad Complutense, Bocconi or the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


International School of Madrid

While the International School of Madrid, or ISM, does not offer the IB curriculum, it compensates with consistency.  A closely-held British curriculum and a faculty of native English speakers  have ensured no less than a 96 percent rate of students passing international standardized exams.  The traditional British curriculum offers a rigorous education in all core subjects–and the strong academics are complemented by state of the art facilities on campus.  Adequate space and advanced technology allow students to grasp the concepts studied in textbooks at a level not achievable in smaller schools.  Moreover, the school’s disciplinary code ensures a uniquely positive and egalitarian learning environment.  While student’s diverse needs are tended to individually, all are treated as equals regardless of background.  Upon graduation students boats a strong command of Spanish and English and go on to top universities.

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