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Where to live in Madrid: An interactive map with the best neighbourhoods

Where should you live in Madrid ? Which barrio was made for you ?

When I arrived in Madrid, I had no idea whatsoever where I wanted to live. I guess that I looked for a flat somewhere relatively close to the city center and to the university I was attending at the time.
However, I really would have needed some kind of presentation of every neighbourhood’s personality to be able to choose which were the best barrios, and which really fitted me.
This is why I created this google map specifically for to-be Madrid expats or even current expats looking to move to a better place in Madrid.

Best Madrid Neighbourhoods – Google Map

Here’s the map of the best Neighbourhoods in Madrid.

In the next weeks I’ll be updating it with my favorite spots and other advice to help to make your move to Madrid easier. The objective is to take this map as a platform to share our opinions on the different neighbourhoods for expats to expats, so new expats can rely on this to choose where to live.

As always, please comment, ask any question I can help you with !

Yours Madridly,

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