The “Zarzuela” – a Spanish mix between a musical and a play

"Los Sobrinos del Capitán Grant": a very entertaining Zarzuela

Saturday night, instead of watching the most sacred thing on television in Spain (Madrid vs Barcelona for those who live on Mars), I went to see my second zarzuela.

“Zarze….what?” might you say. No, not the fish stew which also has the same name – good try. No, this zarzuela is a traditional and popular Spanish music theatre, in between theatre and opera.

Really entertaining and funny – and so authentic. Lots of Spanish jokes, but they do put the subtitles on a screen when the actors sing. Even without understanding it all, every Spanish trait and stereotype is exagerated. This zarzuela also includes a song all guiris will find very interesting: a Spanish and a Scottish woman fight over a man, and compare how lovers demostrate passion to each other in their respective country.

All in all, I had a great night, enjoying authentic Spanish art, so I recommend to all of you !

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