How to get your NIE in Madrid in 4 easy steps

If you are moving to Madrid to stay for more than 3 months, if you want to buy a property or start a company, you are legally required to get a NIE, “Número de Identificación Fiscal de Extranjeros”, or “Foreigners Registration Number”.

Please be aware, that the number itself is very different from getting a residency or visa. It is just a number and can be obtained at the same time as residency or not.

In this process, we will explain how to get the number and nothing else in the quickest waywhen in Madrid. If not, ask via your consulate.
There are many other ways, but this way is the quickest and easiest we have found after feedback from clients and readers.

If you are in Madrid, then this is the process. If you are still in your country, please go the Spanish consulate in your country of origin to make the process much easier in general.

Or if you want a professional to make your move or property purchase easy, from getting the redtape out of the way to finding the best property for you, ask now for your free relocation consultation 


1) go to Calle San Felipe 7 early with your passport ready

No appointment needed. It’s the one official place where you can obtain your NIE quickly, the “COMISARÍA GENERAL DE EXTRANJERÍA”, metro Tetuan.

There might be a queue. Opening hours are from 9:00 to 13:00. I recommend to go there at 8:30. Make sure you bring your passport and 2 photocopies of its first relevant pages.

You do not need any other papers, like the Padrón. Just your passport, which will carry normally any visa you have if relevant.

As strange as it might seem, they have no phone number nor email contact available but you can get all your questions there if you speak Spanish.
There is a lot of information online on how to do it, on many official spanish government websites even, unfortunately the information is very unupdated, so you might find obsolete forms or even addresses of offices that are no longer in use.

You will come in, be given a numberand a form to pay a 10,90€ tax in cash at the bank next door while you wait for your turn.BBVA around the corner, on calle orense 58 is the closest.

You will also be given a spanish form in which you have to fill in your anagraphical information (date of birth, address in madrid etc.). Even if you speak zero spanish this is a very basic and simple form, so don’t be discouraged by it. People at the counter will help you out if you are not sure on how to fill in certain parts.

WARNING: Some of you may be discouraged to go further when passing by the reception, especially if there is a queue. Do not lose your smile, the password is: “I need it to open a bank account”.

2) go to BBVA Bank at calle Orense 58 to pay the relevant tax

Just go there, with the form, and be ready to pay in cash at the counter the tax for the NIE request.


3) Come back to San Felipe & done !

Come back to San Felipe with your form, your paid tax and conclude the process by getting your NIE immediately!


Bonus: Go with all the possibly relevant papers prepared (better too much than not enough) and be very positive. Also:

  • Talk some Spanish, if possible
  • stay open minded and positive,
  • always ask for specific actions to solve problems that arise,
  • you will receive a temporary NIE number, which in fact will not change afterwards, as a bank account number – the actual certificate is temporary.

You will be able to use this number for all your procedures and needs. If you need to have the definite certificate, you will be given simple and specific steps directly at the office where you are getting your first temporary NIE.

After all that, you will be able to boast your certificate in expat parties, and be sure no bureaucratic door will be closed to you ;-).

With a NIE, you can for instance open a bank account with whatever bank you want, instead of having to limit yourself to bank that accept passports.


4) Get the final NIE card

Now you received your NIE number that will never change, it’s permanent. However the common A4 where it’s printed is valid only for 3 months. Within these 3 months you need to:

  • Make an appointment to go to Calle Padre Piquer 18 and get your final NIE card;
  • Go to local bank to pay 10.50€ fee w/ appropriate form;
  • And finally go to Calle Padre Piquer 18 on the day of your appointment with the form and fee receipt in order to get your final NIE Card; which is a soft plastic business card sized, green card.


And remember, if you need professional help for your move or property purchase in Madrid, with answers to your specific questions in terms on how to optimize your budget, what is the best neighborhood for your lifestyle, or what are the dangers to dodge in rental contracts, contact us at


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64 responses to “How to get your NIE in Madrid in 4 easy steps”

  1. Thanks for this Sara. Yes, we also recommend that if you have time while you are still in your country of origin to get your NIE at the embassy. They speak your language and only takes 2-3 weeks. If you have time, it’s easier to do it at the embassy in your country.

  2. Sara Jones says:

    Hello Thank you
    The best and easiest way to apply NIE number is from the Spanish embassy anywhere abroad. You fill in the application in their office and pay the fee around 11 euros. Then they will email you the NIE number certificate in about week.
    also here is another article to help you to get your nie :.

  3. Laura says:

    My husband and I went today. This site was so helpful and things went almost exactly as explained.
    We arrived before any others (about 8:20) and waited in front of the door with the “7” on it while wondering why others were queuing up at the next door. At the last minute we discovered that they were correct and we were wrong, but they all graciously stepped aside and told us to go ahead.
    Once inside it became immediately clear that our limited Spanish was too limited, but the man behind us stepped up and translated for us. We got the form – went to the bank and returned. The helpful man was still there and when our number was called we asked if he would help and he was happy to. He was there assisting another friend.
    We are leaving the country in two days and were told that we could not pick up our NIE until the morning we leave, so the “translator” offered to pick it up for us when he returns with his friend, and then send it to us in the USA. The clerk had my husband sign a form approving this, and we gave the helpful man our address and some money.
    The entire process took less than 45 minutes once the doors opened.
    Some may think we were overly trusting of the helpful man, and perhaps so, but our instincts were giving the go-ahead.
    Thank you for your clear and helpful instructions.

  4. There is different procedures as EU members have preferential access. Hope it all works out !

  5. Jorris Heijke says:

    Thanks for the update indeed, very useful information!

  6. The numero is valid forever, like an ID number is valid forever. Depending on your situation, you would need to renew your certificate, as you would need to renew your ID. Hope this answered your question !

  7. Yes, we have seen this change ourselves and have updated the article – thanks !

  8. Thanks for the great update ! It is always important to have updates as they change their processes without warning. Thanks on behalf of the community !

  9. David says:

    Hi Everyone – thanks for this advice, I got my NIE this week.
    It is useful to know a little bit of Spanish, but you dont have to be fluent… I only have limited Spanish and managed to do this….
    The current process (as of Feb 1st, 2016):
    1. Arrive at Calle San Felipe 7-9, get the tax form and two copies of the application from the security guard.
    2. Go to the bank to pay the tax form (I went to Santander on Calle Bravo Murillo – 2 mins away). When you pay a tiny little comment is printed at the top of the tax form to indicate payment.
    3. Take the paid tax form, two completed application forms, passport and 2 photocopies of the photo page back to Calle San Felipe 7-9. The security guard will check that you have everything you need and then give you a number.
    4. Proceed to the waiting room and wait until your number is called.
    5. When your number is called go to the desk and give them your documents. They will stamp one application form and give it back to you as a receipt, and tell you a day to return to the office to get the letter with your NIE on it. (My return date was Feb 4 – a 3 day waiting period).
    6. Return on the pick up date with your stamped application form, and your passport. Show the security guard these documents and he will give you a number.
    7. Wait in the waiting room until your number is called.
    8. Go to the desk and hand over your documents. They will print off a letter with your NIE on it, and stamp it.
    9. Relief! you have your NIE!

    Current process as of 01/02/2016.
    PS in Spanish, NIE is pronounced Knee-yeh.

  10. Thib says:

    i did it this morning but they dont give it to you right away anymore. once you’ve filled everything, pay the tax and give your photocopies, they give you an appointment (for me they gave me for 5 days later).

  11. Natalie cunningham says:

    Hi, i already have my nie, from 4 years ago. Do i need to go the office to renew my nie as the certificate has expired or will it be ok. For example if i need to register for the paro can i use my old certificate. Thanks

  12. Lee says:

    I am a UK student here on the Erasmus scheme. I am only here until July 2016. WHislt here I am only going to be studying. I will not be working or buying cars or property.

    Do I need an NIE or can I just complete my placement without one?


  13. katrina says:

    Hi!! This is very helpful, and I looked at the spainwide website you mentioned as well. Just one question:
    what is the difference between going as a member of the EU and going as someone else? I’m American.

  14. Louise says:

    Hi May,

    Thanks for getting in touch… And congrats on your decision to move to Madrid!
    As far as I know, the embassy is correct in saying that you need to get the VISA outside of Spain, rather than trying to do it from here. I don’t think it’s necessary to avoid saying that you’re looking for it to work, but as we’re a property search agency rather than a legal advice centre, I wouldn’t want to misinform you. I’d recommend speaking to Spain Wide. They should be able to give you more advice on this! You’re right about August too, the whole city pretty much shuts down.

  15. may says:

    Hi Lily
    Thanks for posting your experience up.
    I am a NON EU, in Madrid looking to obtain a NIE and work permit (My embassy said I can start it in Spain, but will need to return outside of the EU to apply for a full work visa – but they didn’t give me any instructions on how to do this in Spain). Should I avoid saying I need it for a visa application/work/job?
    I am hoping to do it in August – anyone know if it is a good idea as I heard noone works this whole month (loL)?
    Can I do it in San Felipe, 7-9, 28020 Madrid by showing up early or do I need to make an official appointment at Avenida Padre Piquer, 18-28024 Madrid – would you/anyone know?

    Thank you

  16. Louise says:

    Hi Lily,
    Thanks for the helpful tips! It was great to hear that you had a straight-forward experience with the office, but what a pity that the other poor girl had to go through all of that!
    What we’ve learned from our time in Spain is that you should always allow more time for paperwork and you should bring two copies of anything that you could ever possibly need, even if they’re not specifically requested beforehand. It’s always better to have a back-up plan, just in case!
    Welcome to Madrid 🙂

  17. Lily says:

    Hello everyone.

    Thanks a lot for this very useful article.
    It took me 2 hours to get my NIE.
    However, I had a very mixed experience at Calle San Felipe.
    If you do not speak Spanish, you really get a haaaaard time.

    As I was fluent and as the person attending me was understanding, I had no problem getting my NIE. However I would advice people who intend to say for an undetermined period in Madrid not to mention it, because otherwise they will tell you it’s USELESS to get a NIE (which is of course wrong because many employers ask for it).
    So I said that I wanted to open a BANK ACCOUNT quickly so that’s why they accepted.

    There was an English girl who did not speak a word of Spanish. She arrived in Madrid because she got a job but her boss asked her for a NIE (as mine did). I helped her fill the form which was all in Spanish.
    But the woman who attended her started to complain that the girl came without speaking Spanish. She said: “Why didn’t you come with a Spanish-speaking friend” and blablabla. She was awful.
    She refused to give the girl a NIE because her passport was “no longer valid” – though she had a document of the English embassy in Madrid proving she had a one-year extension. But as the document was in English, the woman said it was not valid. “Have it translated by an official translator!” she said. “I would not go to your country and bring my documents in Spanish would I?” Gosh….

    So beware, non-spanish-speakers, you would better come accompanied with a Spanish-speaker otherwise you could have problems.
    An employee explained to me that NIE was “only” for strangers who were here temporary and/or needed to by an apartment etc. So be careful. They will tell you that employers can make a contract with your passport number, that’s it!

    So if the employee questions you, tell him/her that you need to open a bank account and put it in the form….
    Then, if you are a EU citizen and plan to stay for a long time, make an appointment at Padre Piquer office as soon as possible and gather all the documents!

    Good luck!

  18. Louise says:

    Hi Mazzie,

    I spoke to the Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social about this and they told me that as you’re an EU citizen that you can legally begin working with your passport. If you provide your passport number to the place that you’re going to be working, they should be able to register you as an employee. Once you have that contract, then you can apply for your NIE. If you need any more info about the NIE or the legalities around it, the Ministerio will be able to help you out. You can find their contact details here. Anything else, just let us know 🙂

  19. Mazzie says:

    I am from the UK and I went to get my NIE number in Padre Piquer and they wouldn’t give it to me. I was supposed to start a new job but they can’t give it to me without a contract. I explained that I needed it for a job, but they still wouldn’t give it to me, so they sent me to Aluche and they wouldn’t give it to me. I am so confused, because at the office they said I need a contract and then at the place I am supposed to work at they said I need to have the NIE, I am so frustrated and confused. I don’t even think it’s worth it, but I really want the job and don’t want them to delay it any further. Is it worth going to Tetuan or not?

  20. Louise says:

    That’s great that you got your NIE so quickly! Some days the queue can be a nightmare, and other days you might just fly through. We recommend getting there early to try and beat the crowd, and if you finish up extra early, it just means that you’ve got more time to enjoy a relaxing cup of café con leche. 🙂

  21. case says:

    You don’t need to arrive before 9:00

    You get your forms, and go straight to ‘Popular Bank’, across from BBVA (BBCA only takes payments after 10:30)

    Even after queuing for no reason in BBVA, I was all done by 10:05

    Tips – if you don’t speak Spanish:

    * They only tell you one thing, that the number is valid for three months

    * Download a form and check you understand the terms on it – they give you one anyway, and you can fill it out whilst you wait to be called

  22. Sonja says:

    Great, thank you! I will contact him.

  23. The best person to answer in detail to this is Tom Leacy, at He is an expert, and will be able to get whatever paper you need in the timeline you stated. Cheers !

  24. Sonja says:

    The tip with getting the NIE like that is the best advice I found so far on the web, thanks for that! There is so much conflicting information available on the internet that I am confused. I do not necessarily need a NIE but I need to sign on the foreigners list. I suppose that is the “tarjeta de residencia”. I am a EU citizen and will be staying in Spain for a few years. For now I will be staying with enough financial own means. I have a proof of that (bank statement) and also a private medical insurance. Is the residence registration process the same as you described? I will be in Madrid from Monday-Wednesday and need to arrange everything then. I just panicked for a minute because somebody said I need an appointment and that takes a few weeks to get. I would immensely appreciate a reply to my question. Thanks in advance!!

  25. We never have had these problems, as we have obtained NIEs for students, investors, freelancers, retired people.
    To get specific expert help, do contact Tom Leacy at for a free consultation on our behalf !

  26. Niall Prendiville says:

    I went to Tetuan the first time and they sent me to Calle Padre Piquer 18. I got a temporary NIE there after such a fight, they didn’t want to give me one because I didn’t have a job contract yet (even though you NEED the NIE to get a job, Spain…). But then she said I need to come back with a contract for more than three months to get the permanent number. I’m Irish and an EU citizen, I don’t get it. The thing is that in my job it’s 14 day contracts so… ?

  27. Arash P says:

    Hi Ina,
    Thanks for writing us. I would need to see what did the consulate send you first. I believe they sent you the temporary NIE number, which is the final number but some banks might ask you for the actual card that you should be able to get following t”he steps in the article
    “Now you received your NIE number that will never change, it’s permanent. However the common A4 where it’s printed is valid only for 3 months. Within these 3 months you need to:

    Make an appointment to go to Calle Padre Piquer 18 and get your final NIE card;
    Go to local bank to pay 10.50€ fee w/ appropriate form;
    And finally go to Calle Padre Piquer 18 on the day of your appointment with the form and fee receipt in order to get your final NIE Card; which is a soft plastic business card sized, green card.”

  28. Arash P says:

    the option you selected is correct Julia, bring everything your brought the first time, so Passport + photocopy, nie temporary sheet, rental contract.
    Good luck! you can always contact for help who is our official specialist

  29. Julia says:

    Hi, thanks for your advice, I got my NIE very easily following this method. However, now I am in a position where I need to get my NIE card and I was wondering if there is anything else I need to take along with me e.g. a passport photo or a certificado de empadronamiento? And when I am making an appointment online do I choose the option EXPEDICIÓN DE TARJETA DE IDENTIDAD DE EXTRANJERO or another? Thanks very much.

  30. Ina D says:

    Hi ! I just moved to Spain and I am planning to apply for a scholarship, but for that I need NIE. I obtained it in London via Spanish Consulate, they have sent it to me via email and told me that I can do everything I need with this NIE. Right after I moved to Spain I have realized that I cannot open a bank account anywhere and my certificate is not good enough to apply for the scholarship because it is missing the issue number. In Oficina de Extranjero they told me that the next step is to apply for certificado UE and I cannot get the standard temporary NIE on a green paper, because I already have one and its still valid (I got it 2 weeks ago). I am so confused and stressed, I have no idea what to do next…

  31. Arash P says:

    Hi Scott, no it won’t be a problem, however you do need a temporary address. It can be an office, or a friend’s. You can always change it later. You won’t receive anything by mail anyhow, it’s just an address for the City Hall to know where you are staying.

  32. Scott says:

    Thank you for the post it had a lot of helpful tips. I noticed however, that you will need to list your address on one of the forms. I was planning on applying for my NIE as soon as I arrive in Madrid but the problem is that I will be searching for an apartment during that time and therefore may not have an address yet. Do you think this will be a problem? Thanks.

  33. Arash P says:

    I assume you are not an EU citizen, as for EU you are not required a job for NIE.

    NIE is a unique number that never changes. so you cant just repeat the procedure to have a new one.

    Either you try to request it for a different reason (NIE Status change) either you will need to prove differently that you can support yourself in Spain (Official Bank Account Statement proving you have sufficient funds to live here for some time).

    Also contact Tom Leacy from Spain Wide that can guide you further,

    Please let us know how it went and we will update this article!

  34. Arash Palizban says:

    Hi Maggie, We are glad you found our tips and our Blog useful! We are to help 🙂

  35. Emma says:


    I was given a temporary NIE number in April this year through the offices at my local police station, when I returned today to get a permanent NIE, the lady said it was not possible as my work contract was only for three months and I needed to be earning more than 500euros per month. Is it possible to go to Calle San Felipe and ask if they would issue a permanent NIE for me or should I start again?


  36. Maggie says:

    Confirmed, it works! They’ve turned me down in another Oficina de Extranjeros and told me that I needed to get an appointment (with the only dates available not working for me at all). But I went today to the place that you’ve recommended and I had no problems whatsoever 😀 Got my NIE in 30 minutes. Thank you!

  37. For specific & urgent questions, I recommend you contact directly a trustworthy professional who has helped foreigners settle in Spain for 20 years: Tom Leacy –

    Say you come on behalf of and you will be well treated.


  38. For specific & urgent questions, I recommend you contact directly a trustworthy professional who has helped foreigners settle in Spain for 20 years: Tom Leacy

    Say you come on behalf of and you will be well treated.


  39. For specific & urgent questions, I recommend you contact directly a trustworthy professional who has helped foreigners settle in Spain for 20 years: Tom Leacy –

    Say you come on behalf of and you will be well treated.


  40. For specific & urgent questions, I recommend you contact directly a trustworthy professional who has helped foreigners settle in Spain for 20 years: Tom Leacy –

    Say you come on behalf of and you will be well treated.


  41. June,

    To reside in the EU, you do not need anything else as you are a EU citizen.

    A NIE is just a fiscal number. However.what you can get along with it is residency and rights to social security in some cases.

    In general, for residency (which is more than NIE) they ask for 2 things:
    1) do you have enough money to support yourself ?
    2) do you have health insurance ?

    With papers demonstrating these 2, you are usually ok.

    The process I explain is the classic one for EU citizens. Of course, as always with bureaucracy, there are many other variations !

  42. June says:


    Looking at the documents required…..

    3.- Documentación que acredite:

    – Ser trabajador por cuenta ajena (declaración de contratación del empleador, o certificado de empleo, o contrato de trabajo registrado en el Servicio Público de Empleo, o documento de alta o situación asimilada al alta en el Régimen correspondiente de Seguridad Social o consentimiento de la comprobación de esos datos en la propia solicitud).

    – Ser trabajador por cuenta propia (inscripción en el censo de actividades económicas o inscripción en el registro mercantil o documento de alta o situación asimilada al alta en el Régimen correspondiente de Seguridad Social o consentimiento de la comprobación de esos datos en la propia solicitud).

    – Ser estudiante (seguro de enfermedad o manifestación de que dispone de él en la propia solicitud, así como documentación de que acredita recursos suficientes para él y sus familiares en el período de residencia en España o aportación de una declaración responsable en ese sentido, y también matrícula del centro de enseñanza público o privado, reconocido o financiado por la Administración educativa competente). Se considera suficiente la presentación de documentación acreditativa de participar en un programa de la Unión Europea que favorezca el intercambio educativo para estudiantes y profesores. o,

    – Tener medios económicos (documentación de que acredita recursos suficientes para él y sus familiares en el período de residencia en España y, además, contar con un seguro de enfermedad o manifestación de que dispone de él en la propia solicitud)

    Does this mean that I either need a work contract or to prove that I have enough money to support myself for 6 months?


  43. Hello, I attempted to apply for the NIE in Barcelona although I will be studyng in Madrid. At first I planned to take the train to Madrid last week then I spoke to a police officer at the police station here in Barcelona and he told me its possible to apply in Barcelona if i have empadronamiento in Barcelona so I went and got that done. I went back to the station the next day, sat down with my appointment and the woman told me the police officers don’t know what they are talking about and I have to go to Madrid to apply. I have now contacted the legal professional contact you provided to figure out a more economical way to get this done, hopefully something cheaper than traveling back and forth to Madrid. Why do they ask that you apply in the first 30 days of your student visa? That is why I am in a rush to get this done asap. I plan to go to Madrid 20-Sep but my first 30 days of my VISA were up as of 23-Aug, trying to avoid having to fly out to Madrid in the next couple of days. Eeek any advice you could give me would be wonderful. Thanks.

  44. Imbu says:

    thanks this post helped a lot!

  45. jaime gamell says:

    I am British, live in Madrid and have a NIE. I am retired. I have a Certificado de Empadronamiento.
    The NIE dates back to 2002.
    I am currently renewing my driving license from the UK one to a Spanish one.
    All the documentation was approved.
    However, the police said I need to renew my NIE. (it is a paper document, not the plastic card)
    How do I do this?
    Help much appreciated!

  46. Marc says:


    I have my appointment for NIE tomorrow, and I just figured out the two last points:

    –> Is it possible just to download the “modelo 790 (Cod. 12)”?
    –> I don t have health insurance in Spain and I am an entrepreneur. Should i do sthg before tomorrow?


  47. Juanita says:

    So confusing…… just finished study abroad program and have fell in love with Spain and a guy. I am going to return to the states to finish my degree this December, than I plan to return to Spain. I am here in Spain for a couple of months to look for employment that I can do when I return. How do I get a residency visa? Looking on the internet it seems so complicated. Now this NIE number yish. Seems like sooo much paperwork (not my fave) but I do want to live in Madrid I just feel this is where my home is. Do you have any advice or where to begin? I started to contact the Spanish Embassy here in DC. I would need the residency visa first than the NIE number process or will I be able to do both at the same time? Will I be able to do both through the embassy here before returning or I will have to do when I arrive back to Spain? Is it possible to get a job in Madrid while I am in the states so I have one before I return?

  48. The normal procedure is the one described in the article.

    However, if you are in Spain for less than 3 months in total, you can get a quicker procedure to just get the number – not the card.
    This is not standard and requires convincing the person in front of you at the police station.

  49. Josephine says:

    Hello! I tried to get my NIE in one day as I have already started working as an auxiliar in a high school and need to get the number so I can get paid asap. The lady who set up my job for me told me that I only need to get a NIE, I don’t need to get the card as i’m not here for over 6 months, so I went to the embassy place near metro Tetuan. The man at the desk told me that anyone here more than 3 months needs a card, and that I have to come back another day with the forms he gave me, the bank slip and with a photocopy of every single page of of my passport (50 pages!) and then I need to make an appointment – which as you said can take up to 3 months. And I only will be here for another 3 and a half months. I already have a visa until June, which he saw, so i’m really confused as to why this is necessary. Did I miss something? Do you have any idea what this is about? Or if this might be a mistake?

  50. Thank you Jonathan. I will investigate this and report on it, as last time I went there, I was forced to get an appointment. Thanks again !

  51. Jonathan says:

    No. No appointment was required.

  52. Thank you Jonathan for this advice. I have done this for clients. However, if I remember well, you need an appointment.

  53. Jonathan says:

    Go to C/ San Felipe 7, metro Tetuan, take your passport and copy of photo page with you. Take a form from the desk when you arrive, the man at the desk will give you another form when you have completed the first form. You take this form to any bank and pay 10 euros, the bank stamps the form, then you return to the office, take a number and wait your turn (about 10 minutes in my case), and you will be given your NIE.

  54. Julie says:

    Thanks for that . Do you know which office I can apply for a N.I.E .in person in Madrid and get it in one day?


  55. Hi Julie,

    Yes, you can get a NIE quickly via professionals. But in this case, there’s also the topic of demonstrating income.

    I recommend you get in contact with Tom Leacy . He will for sure solve your problem.

    Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any kind of question !

  56. Julie says:

    I have an appointment for an application for Residency on the 4th December however without a N.I.E Imy partner is unable to put my in thier Bank Account to show more financial security since I am not working since moving here? Can I get an N.I.E number quickly?

  57. Pierre-Alban Waters says:

    Use whatever address you can prove. A rental contract or padron or another official paper is enough.

    For questions, go the link I give to take appointments, and take an “información” appointment.

    Or just go to the office indicated for the NIE renewal appointment and try and saks the person at the entrance. No one else will answer your questions.

    Hope it helps, All the best

  58. Espy says:

    Hello, I need to renew my NIE. I am now in Madrid but used to live in Sevilla and current NIE address is for Sevilla. I don’t have an address in Madrid yet because I’m still looking for a piso. When I fill out the Tasa form and the other forms, EX-00 or something what address do I use? Or should I wait until I have a piso? I am a North American Language & Cultural Assistant so I was thinking of using my school’s address, but that is also in a city outside Madrid, so maybe could cause issues. I need to drop my papers off and then I will get an appointment for a later date, which is when I need to have empadronamiento or proof of residency, so as long as they are ok with me using different addresses I should be fine. Any word on how strict they are? I would just wait, but I plan on travelling in less than 2 weeks, so I will need an autorizacion de regreso and for this, the renewal of my NIE needs to be in process.

    Who/which office do I check with (since there are many involved in the process)?
    Thank you so much!

  59. Anonymous says:

    Hi Fabie,

    Thank you for your comment !

    Yes, the different names the administration gives to differents papers is confusing.

    To put it simply:

    1) NIE means “Número de Identificación de Extranjeros” – It’s just a fiscal number, like an ID number so the Spanish state can register you. It is mandatory after 6 months in Spain.

    2) The NIE is just a number, it’s not a visa, a residency or work permit, it’s not even a valid identity proof. However, it’s the number that comes at the end of a process and confirms you’re legally in Spain. For instance, you got your visa, and then your NIE number.

    3) If you are a EU citizen, the law says you have the right to live wherever whenever in other countries of the EU (exceptions apply).
    The certificate which is valid for UE citizens to get a NIE is then called “CERTIFICADOS UE”.

    As a conclusion, and the Spanish administration being what it is, I strongly recommend you:

    – Prepare all the papers you may need
    – Get an appointment
    – Go as soon as you can to the place where you will have your appointment to ask all your questions
    – Always be very positive and always say the bureaucrat in front of you is right. Just ask nicely and professionally, “What is then the solution you have to this requirement sir”.

    I hope this helped. The truth is this administrative processes depend on procedures which have not been well defined by the state, and depend on the interpretation of the person you will have in front of you.
    No worries, this is Spain and is quite normal. Preparation, asking open questions, speaking a bit of spanish and being always positive should get you through.

    All the best,

  60. Fabie says:

    Are the CERTIFICADOS UE and NIE the same thing ? If not how could i obtain the NIE number ?

  61. Thank you Abigael for your question !

    Yes, of course, you can apply in a different city. All you need is to find the right place to ask for an appointment – ask to any “Oficina de Extranjeros” o “Comisaría de Policía” where you can do this.

    Hope it helps ! All the best,

  62. Abigael says:

    Can we apply for a NIE in a different city, even if I study in madrid?

  63. Moving and Living in Spain says:

    For what it’s worth, I enjoyed your article very much. You make sound points and this is clear content that’s easy to understand.

  64. Hi Andrea – thanks for the comment ! Indeed, calling a 902 number is sometimes impossible from some countries and/or telcommunication providers.
    I will try to get another regular phone number for people calling from abroad and having issues contacting them.
    Read soon,

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