The best deal on phone, TV and fibre optic in Madrid

Read this article to learn who provides phone, TV and fibre optic in Madrid and get tips on which provider will offer the best package and pricing for your situation.

In this article, you will find the best options for:

  1. If you have a NIE and will be in Madrid longer than twelve months
  2. If you have a NIE and will be in Madrid less than twelve months
  3. If you don’t have a NIE and will be in Madrid longer than six months
  4. If you have a NIE and will be in Madrid less than six months
fibre optic in Madrid, expats in Madrid

Madrid has an exellent fibre optic network in the city center

If you have a NIE

A NIE is, essentially, your Spanish taxpayer ID. If you need to obtain a NIE, we suggest you read: How to get a Spanish NIE in five easy steps.

Stays longer than twelve months

If you’re planning on staying in Madrid for a while and can commit to a year-long contract, Movistar is our favourite solution. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive plan that will give you a landline, a mobile line, premium television channles and the best fibre optic in Madrid, then we suggest Movistar!

  • Their best value for money plan is the “Movistar Fusión“. The offer a number of packages. In our opinion, the best is Fusión 2. With this, €72 per month (as of March 1, 2019 they are running a promotional price of 32.3€ per month for the first six months) will get you 600 MB of Fibre Optic, a landline with unlimited calls to other landlines, two mobile phone lines (one with unlimited calls and 5Gb of data), as well as TV with access to hit TV shows, films and LaLiga games. The best part? You can access it from your tablet or smartphone so can bring your TV with you. It includes DVR.
  • If you’ve got a little more cash to spare, then you’ll love the “Fusión Todo” plan for €130per month. This gives you 600 MB Fibre Optic broadband, a landline with free calls to other landlines and 550 minutes per month to mobiles, two mobile lines with unlimited calls and SMS plus 24 GB of data to share between the two lines. The TV plan is better too, with access to all more than eighty channles, movie premieres and all the football games in the world. DVR is included.

Depending on where you are living, your choice of provider and your internet speed may be limited. In more urban areas, expect the best fibre optic in Madrid- which is some of the best in the world. If you want to get a contract with Movistar, you’ll need a NIE and you’ll need to agree to a minimum of 12 months with them. If you don’t see yourself staying that long, there are a few other options.

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Stays shorter then twelve months


  • Pepephone is a relatively new provider of fibre optic in Madrid. If all you’re interested in is internet, you can sign up for their fibre optic package of 200 Mb for only €34.60 per month, including line rental and VAT. There’s no minimum contract so you can use their service for as long or as short as you want.
  • If you’re looking for a mobile plan and internet, you can enjoy 200 MB of fibre and a mobile plan with 23 GB internet and unlimited minutes for only €48.90 per month. They also have a more economical plan with 200MB fibre. 6MB of mobile data and 100 minutes for only €39.9.
  • All of Pepephone’s customer service is based in Spain, so it will be helpful to speak Spanish.  Note that landlines are not included in their packages.


  • Jazztel offers service sin permanencia (without a minimum contract) for as little as €28.95 per month, including line rental. This is an internet only special that gives you 100 MB of fibre.  As this is a bit slow, if you want the best fibre optic in Madrid you can pay 39.95 € per month for 600 MB of fibre. A fixed line is included in the higher priced package.

best fibre optic in Madrid, expats in Madrid

If you don’t have a NIE

For stays longer than six months

For expats in Madrid that don’t have a NIE, we recommend Ono, a Vodafone subsidiary. We like them because you can tailor a package to suit your needs. You can choose fibre optic speeds of 50 MB, 120 MB, 300 MB and 1 GB. If you want to add mobile, you have packages with three different data options, all with unlimited calls. Finally, you can add Vodafone TV which has more than 120 channels. The cheapest package starts at 12.85 € per month, plus an 18.15 € line rental fee.

The fibre is the fastest offered in Madrid. The drawback if you can’t purchase the products online- you must call them.  If you ask to speak to an assistant who understands English, you should be put through to someone.

For stays shorter than six months

For expats staying less than six months, we recommend Amena for fibre optic in Madrid. Outside of Madrid your choices may be restricted in terms of service providers and speed. If you still want high speed internet without compromise, Amena will give you access to 4G internet at home, which will normally  average 40Mb

If you have any more questions or doubts about the best internet deals for expats in Madrid, send us an email today and we can answer your questions.

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35 responses to “The best deal on phone, TV and fibre optic in Madrid”

  1. […] they are mandatory. You might as well take advantage of  free landline to landline calls. Read: The best deal on phone, TV and fibre optic in Madrid to find the carrier right for […]

  2. maryclare says:

    I’ve always been very happy with them. Especially now with the EU getting rid of roaming charges when I travel out of Spain!

  3. Salvador Garcia says:

    Thanks for the advice, i will go with Movistar!

  4. For a few days, I would recommend the one that is the easiest for you to get ! Take a pre-paid of the nearest shop, and don’t spend more than 10 €. If you have a choice, go for the ones we recommend: Tuenti or Yoigo.

  5. Alarcona says:


    I’m staying a few days in Madrid, can anyone advise which company to use and what is the best choice for mobile plan.



  6. Louise says:

    Hi Andreas,
    Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with them! Have you tried asking them to change the channel that your WiFi is being sent from on the router? We were getting really slow speeds at home, but when we changed this, it helped.
    Thanks for your feedback though, we really appreciate it!

  7. Andreas says:

    Jazztel is the worst company, I do not know about the Movistar or other companies since they don’t have cable on Torrejon de Ardoz ( the most expensive city from Spain, but they don;t have cable here ). I pay 40 Euros for 30 mgb/s and I receive 2 !!! with cable in the router .. over wifi, google is loading in 48 seconds. We are living in 2015 and the internet speed is 2 MGB/Sec .. common !!! Worst worst worst ..

    Aaa.. don;t try to call them because they will tell you that anyone knows that you pay for 30 mgd but you will never receive it .. In my opinion they are the worst .. so do not try them

  8. Louise says:

    It might have been the area you were in Nick. I’ve had good and bad experience with a few different companies, and sometimes it just takes them a while to update their lines. Hope you’re happy with your new service!

  9. Nick says:

    I’ve been living in Spain for several years, and will shortly be moving to Movistar Fusion from Orange. My Orange download speed was less than 4MB and their customer service was extremely poor. Fingers crossed for a better experience with Telefonica.

  10. Yes, none of telco companies in Spain have great customer service. However, clearly, the best now is Movistar. It didn’t used to be and have improved.

  11. alan says:

    A bit worried about your comment on Orange charging for customer service, as I thought they said it’s free to call. Orange used to be quite good, but have recently got a lot worse. The customer services actually told me I could go to any Orange shop and borrow a phone until my landline was fixed! (Complete lie of course). Eventually a Moviestar technician arrives argues on the phone with Orange then tells me to change to another phone company!
    One warning to anyone getting internet:, most companies advertise internet speed as “hasta” up to ( e.g. up to 20Mb), but of course that will mean about 3Mb. I got a guarantee of minimum 10Mb from Orange and have never had more than 3Mb.
    So be warned, telephone companies will happily lie to you just to get your signature on the contract.

  12. Try this number: +34 963 206 119 !

  13. Adam Walker says:

    Does anybody know how I ring the Ono help desk from a UK mobile?

  14. Yes, we agree : avoid Orange !

  15. Daniel Lomas says:

    5 weeks later and Orange still hadn’t installed anything but wouldn’t let us leave the contract without a heavy charge. Had to involve consumer protection and was calling Orange every day (which they’re not trying to charge me 70 euros for. Worst company I’ve ever dealt with by a long distance. Managed to finally get out of it and Movistar came to install within 24 hours.

  16. nik says:

    Just a warning to avoid Orange. I recently signed a 12 month contract at a promotional price of 11.95 +15€ line rental. When I got the first bill it was 51€.They are charging me the non promo full price. Customer service won’t do anything to correct it- they told me to go back to the shop where I took out the contract as its the shop’s fault. Of course the shop said we can’t do anything, call customer service. You have to pay to call customer service and the last call took 45 minutes so costs a fortune. Finally I live in Barcelona city centre and while the speed is advertised as up to 20 Mbps I have had a few days at a max of 3.9Mbps and the rest of the time it’s less than 0.5Mbps. Avoid at all costs!

  17. Yep, prices change quite a lot, but the quality does not. For internet, the best quality is Movistar, and with fusion, the prices are now within competition.
    We also recommend tuenti for phone only deals. As for freeclick, it is an interesting deal indeed ! but only if you do not have to rely on it, as they have no commitment to service, and ads can be annoying in the end. great for students for instance or for tourists.

  18. Pedro says:

    Well, it’s hard to tell because prices change almost monthly. Movistar is good but always ends up being expensive, you know, they have all those small extras that at the end add up noticeably. I’ve been using a prepaid option called Tuenti ( mainly focused ad teens that works fine (its a Movistar backdoor) and is aggressive in prices. For Internet, there is a free 21Mbps service (yes, free) from a company called freeclick (, its only for non spanish (?). Could be handy.

  19. Yes, we do not recommend Orange after having several complaints by blog readers.

    My recommendation would be to cancel and switch to Movistar. They’re not perfect, but it’s the fastest to set up internet every time.

  20. Daniel Lomas says:

    We’ve been waiting 3 weeks for the phoneline installation. I’ve called Orange every day for a week and they keep saying there is a “problem” but they don’t know what it is. They tell me just to wait another 48 hours and nothing happens. When I call back it’s like its the first time I’ve called them and they say the same things. They’re really rude and clueless and they don’t even care when you say you’re thinking of cancelling the whole thing. Nightmare. Don’t know what to do. Any advice?

  21. Hi julia,

    Thank you for your comment. Fusion means that it’s a package with Internet, landline and mobile. It doesn’t indicate the speed. To make sure you get the fastest, you must check if your area has access to fiber.
    Give the final 60€ price is assume you have fiber but it can depend on your options. I would recommend looking closely at what kind if Internet you have access in your area. Keep us updated.
    Then, final internet speed also depends on your computer and the wifi router settings. The best would be to use an Internet speed checker when on wifi and then directly connected by cable to your modem. If the speed you get via cable is more than 10% different then advertised, then it’s not normal and should be solved.
    If then the speed directly connected and with wifi are different, then it’s the wifi the issue. You might have some interference issues. Try and have a technician come and ensure all works !

  22. Julia says:

    Hi Pierre, I have signed a contract with Movistar for the Fusion, 60euros a month package, about a month ago. I went into complain about how I am not happy with the speed of the internet, and how I can’t watch anything on You tube any more, it’s just so slow. The lady side tracked me by telling me I can have a new phone for free. Very nice, as now I have free calls and texting. Yesterday, they leave me a message on my voicemal, to say can I go into the shop, as it is impossible for me to have the “Fusion” after all?……I wanted to ask you first, have you any idea what this can be about, before I go in to speak to them. I mean I have a signed contract, surely that should mean something?. Also I do have a NIE. I would appreciate some of your sound advise. Thank’s alot.

  23. Thanks for your feedback on Movistar !

  24. Gary says:

    I moved into my apartment last May in Madrid and went with Movistar. I pay €53 for a 100mb fibre optic line and fixed line phone (I didn’t need the mobile bundle). It is a little more expensive than the competetion but it provided me with what I wanted and needed – a service that worked consistantly. Initial sign up was all completed through the website, I got a confirmation that the appoinment was made and the guy arrived about a week later to install the fibre and was gone in less than 2 hours. About 3 days after that I received a follow up call from Movistar to check that everything was ok, and with my very bad Spanish I affirmed that everything was muy bien! And it has been ever since…40 megs over the wifi all the time (you have to physically run an ethernet cable from the router to take advantage of the full 100mb’s).

  25. Thank you for your feedback !
    Truth is, no telco provider in Spain fully reaches our demands in terms of customer service.
    However, since the new launch of the Movistar fusion package, and their improvements in Customer service, we now clearly recommend Movistar fusion and took Orange out of our recommended services.
    Thank you for your feedback !

  26. Anyse says:

    I tried Orange… I could summarize this as a horror story.

    First, it took weeks to clarify how the process of installing a landline works… (and moving -to-madrid did/does not provide useful information on this). I opted for an expensive option thinking that this would be a better service. Unfortunately, they made tons of mistakes with my dossier and I ended up paying double for months, until I got hands on the situation. I called them to address the issue… but the only way to get their attention was to…. stop paying. Once the mistake was clarified, their marketing department contacted me on my Orange mobile offering me free a landline… notwithstanding I was already a client on the mobile-fijo bundle. Lastly, I was overcharged for contacting the clients’ service… information not mentioned anywhere in the website. To date, I have no news of the pending reimbursement from Orange.

    Orange Espagna seems clueless on how to manage the relationship with the client… and also not interested in keeping the clients (or keeping them happy, rather).

    This is poor business practice…..

    Even though there may not be much better out there, I will change internet provider….

  27. Yes, you can get the Ono packages with a passport and without a NIE, but not by the online form – only by calling. They do speak English if you ask for it !

  28. Hugo says:

    I have tried to get Ono internet via their website and it is asking for an NIF number. I think this is similar to an NIE number but I was under the impression you could get Ono internet without an NIE? I have a Spanish bank account and a British passport, will this suffice and if so how do I go about it?

  29. Have a closer look at the article Andy 😉 – You have to call Ono specifically for instance.

  30. Yes, I recommend it for Madrid specifically where we work and focus on helping foreigners !

  31. Andy says:

    I didnt find any possibilities to get ADSL without NIE. Where can i get ADSL with just passport ?

  32. Thank you for your comments !

    Yes, quality is not at the level you expect it to be.
    If the focus is quality, in Madrid, then in most locations in the city centre, you can get optical fibre either with Ono or Movistar, and the speed is really 100 Mb.

  33. Remy says:

    🙂 Hello there, well let me tell you guys about the internet from Spain . I live in spain (Madrid – Arganda del Rey) from over 10 years and i used already 2 internet providers ..
    1. Wanadoo – started with 500 KB/s , upgrading till 8 Mb/s – all of those was till like 5-6 years ago – best provider ever .
    2. Orange (sience they took Wanadoo from Spain i started to be with the same provider – but quality was the worse ) trying to upgrade my ADSL to 20 Mbps and allways i didn’t even pass 6 Mbps .. after 2 years i said i’m gonna try another one sience i can’t even do anything with this crap internet .
    3. Vodafone (they are good at deals , they promised me more than 5 Mbps and i won’t have ever less than that speed ) – 1st day – 16 Mbps – i was so excited about my new internet – second day – 8 Mbps and so on till i can’t even reach even 4 Mbps :)) . Each time i call them , they tell me it’s a problem with the place where i live or any other reason , but isn’t they fault. My question was : why my 1st day with them i had 16-17 Mbps and after that i can’t even get 10 or 5 Mbps ..
    In conclusion : everyone promise you alot of speed , bandwith and each of them gives you the worse packs u can’t get .. i can’t even call them an internet provider sience 10 years ago i had much better internet than the actual one – i guess everything it’s only lies from them parts sience i had only bad experiences with all those providers and no one of them give me a good quality in the last 5 years .

    It’s just a SHAME or BIG SHAME for Spain being a country so nice with craps services .
    I have several friends on other countrys who tells me they have 70-100 Mbps with the same price i pay here in Spain and like Linda said : 20 Mbps it’s just a dream for some ppl ( check also for Romania – poor country but hell the internet there each pack u have 10 MB/s download speed and i mean 10 MB/s it’s 100 Mbps paying like 10 usd or euro per month )

  34. Jon says:

    You know that with the Orange deal, they are also offering 300 minutes a month to some European International numbers which is useful.

  35. Pierre-Alban Waters says:

    Yes Linda, you’re right: some areas do not have optical fiber or even internet over 10 Mb. As I said in the post, “in some remote or non-urban areas, you may only have one choice: Movistar (not covered by neither Jazztel nor Orange).” I now have added the comment about speed – thanks !

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