Where to live in Madrid. Neighbourhood: El Madrid de los Austrias

Plaza Mayor at Christmas time can be a magical place!

Plaza Mayor at Christmas time can be a magical place!

Welcome to the old centre of Madrid!

If you’re looking for somewhere that offers central metropolis living combined with old world charm, then you’ll love El Madrid de los Austrias. Located right in the city centre, only a few minutes walking from Sol, some of the cobbled streets and stone buildings make you feel like you’ve been transported back in time. Check it out on our interactive map to get a feel for where it is in the city.

Madrid street art can be subtle and awesome at the same time.

Madrid street art can be subtle and awesome at the same time.

To describe El Madrid de los Austrias, or Madrid of the Austrians, in just three words, I’d say:

  •  Historic
  •  Authentic
  •  Cultural

To stroll through the winding streets and pause for a copa de vino on a terrazza on a sunny day is pure pleasure. A lot of the shops in the area are small, stocking necessities, but the restaurants are unbeatable if you’re looking for good, authentic Spanish cuisine.

The buildings are unique, owing to their interesting history. In the 18th Century in Madrid, home owners were ordered to give up the second storey of their houses in order to help accommodate the court officials of the king as there were so many. In order to get around this, people began to construct houses that appeared from the outside to have only one storey, but a second one could be accessed from inside. Another trick to avoid having to house the officials was to build houses with only one floor, or to excessively compartmentalise each floor so that it couldn’t be divided to accommodate anyone else.

As well as unique houses, Madrid de los Austrias is full of old palacios, churches and a beautiful town hall, the Casa de la Villa de Madrid

Within walking distance of El Madrid de las Austrias is the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. There is nothing quite like a relaxing cup of café con leche in Plaza Mayor!

The Plaza Mayor is generally full of street performers, and is surrounded by wonderful bars and restaurants, although they can tend to take advantage of tourists with their prices. At Christmas time the Plaza is converted into a Christmas Market selling cribs, Christmas trees and a lot of knick-knacks.

If you’ve found the perfect flat in Madrid de las Austrias, make sure to read our 10 tips for renting in Madrid before signing a contract!

If you have any questions about the area or you would like some assistance in making your move to Madrid as smooth as possible, email us and we’ll set you up with a free consultation with our Property Hunting Expert, Arash.

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