5 Red Tape Requirements to complete when Moving to Madrid

When I arrived in Madrid 7 years ago, I couldn’t wait to start soaking up the local color of this great city.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of red tape to cut through before I could start enjoying my new Spanish experience.  As I had no list or reference point, I found the process tedious and at times a bit frustrating.  Hopefully this list of the 5 Red Tape Requirements will help you for when you move to Madrid:

  1. Social Security Number:  To get a social security number, you must take your identification (passport and any other relevant visa documents), as well as a copy of your contract to the social security office.  You will need to fill out an application and show all documentation.  For more information please go to: http://moving2madrid.com/social-security-number/ 
  2. Bank Account:  If you are living in Spain, it is mandatory to have a bank account.  If you have your own internet, phone, and utilities for your apartment, you must have a Spanish bank account to set up your accounts.  We do not recommend bills included in flats because bills managed by third parties usually charge a 50% premium.  Also, if you are purchasing a flat, you must have a local bank account for legal reasons.  Although there are many banks to choose from, we recommend Sabadell because it’s the only bank that enables us to open accounts before you arrive, with a dedicated reliable customer service person who makes it all easy. You can find more information on the easiest way to sign up for a bank account at our M2M link: http://moving2madrid.com/best-bank-current-account/. 
  3. NIE (ID Card): If you are moving to Madrid and stay for more than 3 months or if you want to buy a property or start a company, you are legally required to get a NIE, “Número de Identificación Fiscal de Extranjeros”, or “Foreigners Registration Number”.  It is important to understand that this is not the same as a Visa or Residency (A visa means you have the right to stay more than 3 months).  The NIE is the fiscal number that allows the Spanish government to identify you as well as declare you as a resident.  For help in obtaining this, please visit our blog at: http://moving2madrid.com/nie-2/ 
  4. Register for the Padron: Registering for your Padron is like registering your new place of residence. You must do this if you are getting you are paying taxes and getting a medical card. Likewise, when you renew your residency they will ask you for the updated Padron.  The process for this is fairly easy and can be done in the same day.  Make an appointment at your nearest office or complete online at: http://moving2madrid.com/registering-the-padron/  Follow the directions on the screen.  If you do not speak Spanish contact and would like help, please contact Tom Leacy at http://spainwide.com/ for a free consultation on our behalf! 
  5. Medical Card: If you are planning on using the social medical care system instead of private insurance, you will need to sign up with your local Medical Center and get a Medical card (tarjeta sanitaria). The process is easy.  You will need your passport and NIE, your padron, and your social security number.  You can find the detailed process for getting your medical card on our blog at: http://moving2madrid.com/tarjeta-sanitaria-health-card/   

For more help with the steps on your Move to Madrid, contact us at: http://moving2madrid.com/. Also, for help in renting or buying the perfect apartment in Madrid, make an appointment for a free consultation at: http://www.meetme.so/m2mcall.

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