How to Get Access to Health Care in Madrid

Before moving to Madrid, you should make sure you will have access to healthcare and health insurance right after your relocation to Spain.

I will get to the point and not only present the healthcare system in Madrid, but above all, give you step by step what you need to do to obtain access to healthcare in Madrid according to your specific case.

Madrid healthcare system is one of the best in the World

  • Spain’s health care system is ranked 7th best in the world by the World Health Organization (see complete ranking).
  • Madrid is the capital city and region, and the regional government has made investments in the health system one of its priorities in the last 20 years. The regional aspect is important since Spain has a regional administration system, and health are under the regions’ authority.

How do you gain access to Madrid health system ?

There are 2 cases:

  1. You are an employee, self-employed or retiree, and pay social security taxes in Spain. You are then entitled to healthcare like any other Spaniard from day 1, with your “Tarjeta Sanitaria” (photo on the right) – see my post on how to get this health card (tarjeta sanitaria) in Madrid
  2. You never have and never will pay social security taxes in Spain, because you are a student, retired or trailing partner, in holidays or sabbatical. 2 options in this case:
  • You are a EU citizen and as such are entitled to get access to Madrid Healthcare for emergency reasons, thanks to the European Health Insurance (EHIC) card, but not for “normal” or “routine” treatments (no MD only hospitals).
  • You are not a EU citizen, and you are only allowed in Hospitals for emergencies and will be required to pay. I would then recommend you pay for a private health insurance – read my post on the best private health insurance for most expats in Spain.

According to your specific situation, you now know how you get access to healthcare in Madrid. Follow the links to the specific posts to get more details or just

send us an email if you want us to help you move to Madrid zen.

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