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Best neighborhoods in Madrid.


Madrid is not only one of the best places to live in Spain, but it is also a city of choice among expats. It has the hustle and bustle of a big city together with the charm of an old town. It also has a high standard of living at a price that most people can afford. A map of Madrid neighborhoods will help you orientate.

You’ll find that Madrid is a fun and lively city that is rich in art and culture, has great weather, and a busy nightlife. It also has probably the best healthcare system in Spain, a good transport system, and lots of job chances at a host of international companies. But how do you pick which suburbs of Madrid are the best?  If you look at a Madrid neighborhoods map, you will see that most of the Madrid property for sale is centralized.  This can make the purchase of Madrid real estate difficult, and it is worth contacting a professional relocation expert.


The suburbs of Madrid.

In total, Madrid has 21 districts and over 100 neighborhoods, and that makes picking the best difficult.  Madrid offers something for everyone, but I have picked what I think are the best Madrid suburbs for families. Let’s start right in the very center.


Plaza de la Puerta del Sol.  Also known as plain old Sol, this very central area is situated right at the center of the city, and is anything but plain. Sol is bordered by several other trendy suburbs but remains the top area in the city. If you look at a map of Madrid neighborhoods, you will see that Sol is the area with everything happening. Sol is a busy area with lots of Tapas bars, pavement cafes, and shopping streets for people on foot. Along Gran Vía, there are museums, theatres, and beautiful buildings. Plaza Mayor, Madrid’s main square, and the busy Mercado de San Miguel, which has groceries, restaurants, and wine bars, are also there. Of course, Sol is also almost impossible to buy property in, and renting is hugely expensive. There are lots of long term rentals Madrid here.

Malasaña. Looking at Madrid Spain maps, this is located to the north-east of Sol, this is a great area for people who want to live in a young, hip, artistic neighborhood but where the rent is cheaper than in Sol. Malasaña is great for people who like to go out, shop in retro or unique stores, and have easy access to bars and restaurants. Madrid property for sale here goes quickly. You can sit there with a cup of coffee and watch the world go by. Malasaña is considered to be the best area to stay in Madrid for families because of its easy-going nature.

Chueca. This highly vibrant part of the city is regarded as one of the best places to live in Madrid for young adults. Chueca is renowned for its LGBQ+ bars and clubs and is a friendly, inclusive environment, where the rent is fairly reasonable, and there is much to do. Chueca is a fun and exciting place to be. During the day, you can go to restaurants and shops to eat and shop. At night, the whole neighbourhood changes. Every corner is a party, and you’ll get to go to many madrid gay bars and clubs. Cheuca is also happy to host the well-known gay pride celebration Día del Orgullo de Gays in the summer. Short term rentals Madrid are common here.

La Latina. Still very central but exhibiting much more in terms of traditional architecture, La Latina is the seat of culture in Madrid. Even though La Latina is in the city’s central area on Madrid Spain maps, it feels very different from the rest of the city. La Latina is the oldest part of Madrid, so it has a lot of old-world beauty. Some of the city’s oldest buildings, cobblestone streets, and narrow alleys full of bars and restaurants are all in this area. On a Sunday morning, after going to El Rastro, Madrid’s oldest and biggest flea market, people in La Latina usually go on a food and drinks crawl along Cava Baja. La Latina is one of the most social suburbs of Madrid.

Chamerí.  If you are looking to live and work in the city, then Chamerí is a great mix of reasonable rent, good food and bars, and a mix of laid-back people. It features amongst the top of Madrid neighborhoods map. Chamebrí is an area with a lot of different aspects to it. It’s mostly traditional, and it has a mix of expensive and cheap neighborhoods, unlike the nearby expensive area of Salamanca. This private neighborhood is also pretty much free of tourists, and it is quiet, cute, and cozy, making it an excellent place to go home to.

Salamanca. The throbbing shopping and business heart of map of Madrid neighborhoods, barrio de Salamanca is probably the poshest area of the city and the most expensive to rent in. Many expats who move to Madrid for work choose Salamanca. because it is genuine, very safe, and well connected to the city center. This is Madrid’s business district, full of bars, restaurants, art, and architecture, and because the quality of the homes and streets is much better than in the city center.


Madrid is a city of many different, well-defined, suburbs that each have much to offer the tourist or those looking to rent. The Madrid neighborhoods map will help you understand the area. It is a place where you can work hard, play hard, and eat and drink well, but in many central areas, that will cost you.

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