Is Madrid really safe?

Madrid was recently elected the second safest capital of Europe, after Vienna.

Thousands of policemen stroll the city in touristy and non touristy areas. It’s hard to walk around Madrid and not cross a Police Patrol car like the one above, at any time of the day. Another main aspect of the safety of Madrid is the social habits. People generally have dinner at 10pm in Spain, go out for a beer at midnight, and around 3pm the night is really happening. So its very hard to be alone when you are coming back home. Streets are also crowded usually.

The constant investment for an increasing presence of Policemen led to a strong 18,3 % reduction in criminality from 2003 to 2009.
In a country where tourism represents 10% of its gross domestic product, the 3rd most visited country in the world after the United States and France, it is easy to understand why safety represents such a focus by the administration.

The central Puerta de Sol square. Safe at day, safe at night

The central Puerta de Sol square. Safe at day, safe at night


The overall feeling of Madrid, from us that we live in it, is that it surely is a very safe city. It’s very hard to even feel uncomfortable when you walk alone at night by some sketchy people. Of course like every city you must be careful of pick pockets and late at night, very tipsy people. :S

Some external references if you want to read more about it:

The official Madrid City Hall page with the study on criminality (Spanish)

AIL Madrid on the Safety of Madrid

Go Madrid on Security for tourist and tips


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