Madrid’s Top School’s: Three Prestigious Institutions

Moving2Madrid has done extensive research to help families through the process of registering their children for school.


Madrid being an international hub, with endless educational options available to newly arrived Madrid residents, how does one distinguish the best from the rest? Families who prioritize a top-tier education need not compromise, as our work is to make the search simple. Following analysis of school costs, facilities, curriculum and student demographics we have designed method to define: which are the best schools in Madrid? The following schools have garnered the attention of families from around Madrid and beyond unwilling to settle for less than the best when it comes to their children’s education.


Runnymede College


Located at Calle de la Salvia 20 in La Moraleja, Runnymede has long been regarded as of Madrid’s finests schools.  For admission, selective Runnymede requires a command of English, and solid abilities in core subject areas.  The British national curriculum enforced by a native-speaking faculty, Runnymede College has been firmly dedicated to fostering excellence in its student body, and ensure healthy personal development of individual students.  Students are required to perform well on Spanish and British state exams in order to graduate–while their personal interests and passions are encouraged by state of the art facilities and extracurricular activities. The strong academics are coupled with a diverse student body, with approximately 31 of students being of international origin.  The rest come from Spanish or mixed families.  With a rigorous, but diverse and positive environment, Runnymede has drawn the attention of Madrid’s most influential entrepreneurs, as well as international celebrities residing in the city–promising their children a secure and stimulating environment to grow.


American School of Madrid

No more than a few minutes’ drive from Runnymede, the American School of Madrid, or ASM, has long been one of the most sought after and selective private schools for an international private education.  ASM boasts an American preparatory curriculum carefully designed to provide a preparatory education for its diverse student body.  Although American and Spanish students make up about two-thirds of the population, the rest of the students come from over 50 countries. The international distribution is by design of the administration, in order to expose students to diversity and foster relationships among children from different walks of life. The diversity of the student body is coupled with  the option for students to study under the globally accredited IB curriculum, or the Spanish national curriculum.  Regardless of background, students graduate from ASM prepared to excel and get accepted at the university of their choice.


International College of Spain

The International College of Spain, much like its companions in the “top schools” category has long outshined other Madrid schools in its top-notch provision of International Baccalaureate curriculum.  A school that puts as much focus on the steady development of each student as it does on its highly sought-after academic offerings, students graduate from ICS with bright futures. An ICS education encourages diversity, supporting students in over 20 languages to ensure their excellence in the classroom, and in the hallways as they build a unique community.  The individual attention given to students’ needs encourages good performance and skill development regardless of innate ability or native language.  Students finish their ICS education as well-trained members of a global community.   These three institutions have earned their reputation as Madrid’s most prestigious schools given their commitment to build successful futures for their students.  If your family is resolute about meeting your children’s specific needs, our help is at your fingertips at:

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