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By gay, it just means a higher proportion of the population is homosexual, but it’s not a ghetto. It is a an open neighborhood where everyone comes to have a drink, with very nice restaurants, the amazing San Anton market and a great atmosphere.

This is how I described in a few words Chueca on my post on how to choose the neighbourhood made for you:

Chueca – Gay, trendy, mixed with traditional Madrid traits

Chueca is right in the centre of Madrid, north of its main avenue “Gran Vía”, east of the alternative, shopping and party neighbourhood Malasaña, and bordered by the posh and quiet neighbourhoods of Alonso Martinez and Salamanca. (Have a look at this interactive map to see it better.)

Chueca is a neighbourhood made of a mix between the trendy and the traditional, the gay and the conservative. Here you’ll find sensational restaurants like Bazaar (Modern Mediterranean for amazing prices) or Tepic (Urban Mex Restaurant), as well as traditional old Spanish “tavernas” with amazing food like Cisne Azul for the best mushrooms of Madrid, or Bocaito for amazing freshly prepared tapas. If you’re a foodie, you will love the new San Anton Market where you will find all kind of gourmet food from all over the world, which we Guiri authors presented you before.

Chueca is the gay capital of Madrid. An exciting barrio full of life and incredible cocktails!
We recommend living in Chueca if ….

I really recommend living in Chueca if you want to live in the center, in a trendy and diverse neighbourhood rooted in its Madrid traditions. You will never be bored in Chueca, and can still have a kind of “village” lifestyle, going to the market, having a beer with your neighbor on Chueca’s square, helping a grandmother take her shopping up the stairs. This is the kind of experience you should expect of Chueca.


Places that will make you understand Chueca

To finish with, I’ve put together a list of links/details and photos of a few of my favorite spots in Chueca, so you can get an impression for yourself what it’s like to live there. Enjoy!

Bazaar – Modern Mediterranean food with amazing quality/price ratio
C/ San Marcos, 35 – 28004 Madrid – 915 233 905

Tepic – Urban Mex Restaurant,
C/ Pelayo, 4 – 28004 Madrid – 915 220 850

Cisne Azul for the best mushrooms of Madrid
C/ Gravina, 19- 28004 Madrid – 915 213 799

Bocaito for amazing freshly prepared tapas.
Calle. Libertad 6 – 28004 Madrid
Telf. 91 532 12 19 / 91 521 53 31

San Antón Foodies Market
C/ Augusto Figueroa, 24. 28004 Madrid – E: – T: 91. 330.07.30.



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Madridly yours,
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