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Classy, Parisian-like, Designers

Alonso Martinez: sounds like the “Adolfo Dominguez” trendy Spanish fashion brand. And the neighbourhood personality is in fact quite close to Adolfo Dominguez’s brand.

Some include it in Chueca, the official name of the district is “Justicia”, for the Supreme court of Justice, and old Madridians say “Recoletos”, for the proximity of the lovely Paseo de Recoletos with art nouveau terraces and historic cafés.

Now, most people will understand Alonso Martinez, since it refers to the metro everyone nows, and this fabulous new plaza refurbished in 2011, the new centre of this neighborhood really.

This is how I described in a few words Alonso Martinez on my post on how to choose the neighbourhood made for you:

Justicia & Almagro – Posh, parisian-looking, designers

The poshest part of the city with Salamanca, it is where many designers, political parties, banks and lawyers live. Next to all the buzzing activity of Chueca and Malasaña, it is nearly “Parisian” in its style, and quite expensive (17 € per m2 per month for rent, 4000 – 5000 € the square meter to buy).

The neighbourhood of Alonso Martinez is located around the square of the same name (see photo above), just west of its posh sister of Salamanca, north-east of Madrid center.

As always in Madrid center, the different neighbourhoods have their own personality, but each one is also influenced by the very diverse neighbours it has. In Alonso Martinez case, the influence of Chueca and Malasaña make it the perfect place for designer shops, famous artists hangouts, luxury chocolate and pastry shops, lounge bars and unique apartments (see photo on the left).
Have a look at this interactive map to see where Alonso Martinez is located in Madrid
, with all the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Who do we recommend Justicia & Almagro for ?

I really recommend living in Alonso Martinez / Justicia / Almagro if you want to live in the most exclusive and luxurious neighbourhood of Madrid center, where the Madrid way of life mixes with the style and fashion of Parisian-looking buildings.

For instance, you will find in Alonso Martinez my favorite bakery, with cakes and pastries I cannot find anywhere else, at “La Duquesita” or “The Little Duchess” (photo on the left).

Do not hesitate to comment and/or send me an e-mail if you have any kind of question or if you are hesitating on the neighbourhood you want to move to !

Madridly yours,
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