Ópera – Madrid de los Austrias

History, Authentic, Culture

Madrid’s opera, right in the center of the Madrid de los Austrias neighborhood.

This is how I described in a few words the Opera / Madrid de los Austrias neighborhood on my post on how to choose the neighbourhood made for you:




This neighborhood is one of the oldest of Madrid, and corresponds to the first plan of the city in the medieval period and in the urban expansion introduced by the House of Hapsburg in Spain.

This ancientness gives the neighborhood a certain charm which continues, in spite of the tourists who rush to see the Royal Palace, but also the opera and the cathedral of Almudena. By having a walk in this very cultural district, we feel well the weight of the history of this area which saw kings and queens let their various artistic legacies.

Quiet, central, comfortable, and green spaces

If you feel good in a quiet and middle-class area, then you will like this neighborhood where nice green spaces and good restaurants are. The district is also very clean and well maintained, very secure, as there is the Royal Palace.

The Opera neighborhood is located in the center of Madrid, just 5 minutes away by foot from Puerta del Sol, and North of the neighborhood called La Latina, famous for its nice atmosphere and tapas; as you can see in this interactive map of Madrid for more details.

Madrid de los Austrias is one of the most expensive neighborhoods for rentals (about 30% above the average), slightly more expensive than the very center of Madrid: the square meter is 16€ / m2 to rent, read here more information on the cost of living in Madrid.


Why choose Opera / Madrid de los Austrias ?

Some expats coming to Madrid choose the Opera neighborhood as it is quiet, very secure, clean, very beautiful, and that the quality of the housing and of the streets is really superior to the kind of housing quality you can find in the city center.

I recommend living in “barrio de los Austrias” if you:

– want to be very close to the center, with the good restaurants and shops within walking distance
– live in an authentic neighbourhood, but with high quality housing and upper-class environment,
– prefer to live in the most upscale and exclusive part of Madrid,
– can afford the expensive cost of living of the neighbourhood.

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