Affluent suburb northwest of Madrid

Looking for a nice suburb where you have everything at hand, high standard of living, but still quick and easy access to Madrid ?

You have to consider Pozuelo de Alarcon then, also known as just “Pozuelo”.


Pozuelo does not even need Madrid

If you live in Pozuelo, you do not need to go back to Madrid if you do not want.
There you will find everything you need, from modern malls to a variety of services.

It’s in fact the town with highest revenue per capita in Spain, just after Girona in Catalunya.
Many Real Madrid footballers live in La Finca, the very exclusive gated community out of the centre of Pozuelo.

It remains a very accessible and comfortable livable area with high standards of quality especially for families


Only 15-20 minutes from Madrid

The difference with other suburbs is its proximity with Madrid. 2 lines of Tramway (Metro ligero), 1 middle distance Train line (Cercanías), and half a dozen bus lines go through Pozuelo to Madrid, which means that you can be in the centre in less than 30 minutes.

By car, it takes 25 minutes to get everywhere in Madrid.

You can check any precise transport time via car or transport trough Google Map (www.maps.google.com)

The most important criteria there, as always, is Location, and the proximity to public transport, the town centre of Pozuelo and the exclusive parts of the town.


Where to live in Pozuelo

To simplify, you have two main magnets in Pozuelo :

1) The “Avenida de Europa”, the new centre of Pozuelo, also where the Tram (Metro Ligero goes) – highly recommended.
2) The train station of Pozuelo (Cercanías), also close to the old centre.

To start with, if you have the right budget, we would recommend to live in the area between the station and the Avenida de Europa.
This way, you can have the best of both words: shops & public transport close by, and the possibility to have space or even a house.
This brings us to the properties and prices you usually find in Pozuelo.


The 3 types of properties in Pozuelo

To simplify, you have 3 kinds of properties in Pozuelo :
1) Apartments, usually within a community with swimming pool.
2) Semi-detached house
3) Stand-alone houses

The closer you are to the two reference points of the station and the Avenida de Europa, the less space you will get for your money.


The rental prices for properties expats like in Pozuelo

Here are the prices of properties our clients loved in Pozuelo :

– 3 bedroom right on the Avenida de Europa: 1500 – 2000 € / month,
– Semi-detached house close to either the station or Avenida de Europa: 2000 – 3000 €,
– Stand-alone house, either close to station or Avenida de Europa, or within the premium gated communities, 3000 – 4000 € / month.

Consider Pozuelo first

If your budget allows you to get what you want, go for Pozuelo.
And, if you like Pozuelo, you will like neighbors:

– Aravaca, Pozuelo’s modern little sister, with less charm, but more properties for your budget, and one stop closer to Madrid
– Majadahonda, with many similarities, just a bit less exclusive and two stops further out, with again less expensive prices (houses expats like go for 1700 € to 2000 €, cheaper than in Pozuelo)

If your budget does not allow, consider Majadahonda & neighbors

If your budget does not allow you to consider Pozuelo, then consider Majadahonda & Aravaca as first choices, and have a look at :

– green Boadilla, with much less transport (no train, just tram) and composed of big & green gated communities composed of houses
-huge Las Rozas, north, where you can find quality houses for as low as 1300 – 1500 €

If you have more than 4000 €, I would recommend to consider also the neighborhoods with houses within Madrid : Mirasierra, Conde de Orgaz, Puerta de Hierro.

And if you prefer specific answers to your unique case, with experienced professionals to help you choose the best neighborhood, the best schools and properties for your family and know what are the dangers to dodge in Spanish contracts:

If you need help to move to Madrid zen, do not hesitate to send us an email !

Yours madridly,
Pierre Waters – Moving2Madrid

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