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The Retiro neighbourhoud of Madrid. Its name comes from the huge and beautiful public park called El Parque del Buen Retiro, nicknamed “El Retiro” by all Madridians.

First of all, if you want a first overview of Madrid neighbourhoods, I recommend you read this and look at the interactive map to understand where Madrid neighbourhoods are located and search “retiro” for instance.

This is how I would describe in a few words Retiro (see all short descriptions for all neighbourhoods of Madrid in my post on how to choose the neighbourhood made for you)

– Green / Close to an amazing park & centre

Posh – traditional

– Families

Retiro is the laid back and less posh sister neighbourhood of Salamanca. The Retiro neighbourhood lies just South of Salamanca and East of the Retiro park (see interactive map).

Of course, the Retiro is so huge and so centrical that all the neighbourhoods surrounding the park could be linked to the park. However, the truth is that all over neighbourhoods bordering Retiro are just too posh or connected to the centre to really be defined by the Park itself. The part of Madrid just East of the Retiro park really lives a neighbourhood life linked to the park.

Life in the Retiro neighbourhood is traditional, laid-back and still connected to the centre. I really recommend to anyone who wants to enjoy Madrid, be right in the middle of things, live in an middle/upper-class neighbourhood, and still be able to escape from the city stress by going to the park anytime they want. It’s also a great neighbourhood for a family with kids.

For renting and buying properties, Retiro is less expensive than the center of Madrid: the square meter is 14-15 € / m2 to rent, 3000 – 4000 € the m2 to purchase a property (see my post on the cost of living in Madrid)

We recommend living in “Retiro” if you…

want to be connected to the center of Madrid, but in a quiet neighbourhood, with an amazing park just 5 minutes from your place
– live in a really authentic Madrid neighbourhood, where many people still live the Madrid way of life as it was years ago

When flathunting in the Retiro neighbourhood…

Do check the quality of the flat equipment, since many buildings are really old and are not refurbished by their landlords. Apart from that, do complete the classic checks I explained in the “10 flathunting tips” post.

If you need help to move to Madrid zen, do not hesitate to send us an email !

Yours madridly,
Pierre Waters

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