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The Salamanca neighborhood & The “Golden Mile” of Madrid

This is how I described in a few words the Salamanca neighbourhood on my post on how to choose the neighbourhood made for you:

– Luxury / upper-class

– Traditional / authentic

– Restaurants and shopping

Salamanca – or the “barrio de Salamanca” to give it its correct Spanish name – is indeed the poshest part of Madrid, with the best restaurants, the most expensive shops, lounge bars and all that you could possibly need! It is also a very traditional neighbourhood of Madrid, where you can still feel how Madrid was years ago.

Salamanca starts east of the Castellana, the main North-South axis of Madrid, and North of the Retiro, the main garden of Madrid (see our interactive map of Madrid for more details). With the metro lines 2, 4 and 5, you can get to the city center or the Retiro in less than 20 minutes.

Salamanca is the most expensive neighbourhood for rentals, slightly more expensive than the very center of Madrid: the square meter is  16-17 € / m2 to rent, 5000 – 6000 € / m2 to purchase a property. (Read more information on the cost of living in Madrid.)

Many expats coming to Madrid for professional reasons choose Salamanca as it is authentic, very secure, well connected to the city center and to Madrid’s business district, full of bars, restaurants, art and architecture, and that the quality of the housing and of the streets is really superior to the kind of housing quality you can find in the city center.

I recommend living in “barrio Salamanca” if you:

– Want to be close to the center, but not right in it, with the best bars, restaurants and shops within walking distance.
– Live in an authentic neighbourhood, but with high quality housing and an upper-class environment.
– Prefer to live in the most upscale and exclusive part of Madrid.
– Can afford the expensive cost of living of the neighbourhood.

On a micro-level, if you want to live in the very most exclusive part of the Salamanca neighborhood, then you should consider:

–  The “Golden Mile”: the South-West part of the neighborhood, the one closer to the center, around Castellana, Ortega y Gasset, Goya and not further than Principe de Vergara.
“El Viso”: strictly speaking, El Viso is not part of Salamanca, as it is located just north of its northern border, Calle María de Molina, going up north Serrano street. It is the only district of Madrid with large villas, many within closed communities and decades of history.

Have a look at these photos showing the authentic side of Salamanca so you can get an idea for yourself.

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