You Have the Madrid Dream. Now You Need a Plan.

The Madrid Way of Life

The Madrid Way of Life

You too, you have the dream of moving to Madrid and living there ? Great.
This is very personal and this motivation will allow you to overcome any kind of obstacle.

“And now what do I do?” might you say. Well, you need something slightly less romantic: a plan.
My plan has 5 parts to simplify things and help you get started.

Read if first without clicking on the links, then dive in thanks to the detailed articles linked to specific relocation topics.

1. Prepare

First of all: money. If you already have job or have already your budget secured for your stay, skip to the next paragraph.
If not, learn how to find a job in Madrid to get a first idea what you’ll need to do.

Then, check how much living in Madrid will cost, or rather, what lifestyle you can afford.

Read as much as you can on Madrid. Try to imagine yourself living there by watching my selected videos on Madrid.
Which neighborhood should you choose ?
Then get specific and down to earth. Are you planning to rent or buy ? How are you going to furnish your apartment ?

2. Test

Test your motivation now by starting to learn Spanish and prepare to get fluent in 6 months after you arrive.

Come here for a week, and feel the atmosphere the different neighborhoods.

Walk around the city, make friends, meet people… do what you would do, not as a tourist, but as a newly arrived Madridian.

3. Commit

Now, take a decision: set a moving date, and start planning your move from the end result: living in Madrid and happy.

And then plan back from this date: before you will need to sign a contract, do viewings, search an apartment…

Commit also to milestones half-way so you can motivate yourself even if you have still to wait months to move.
For instance, you need to be thinking months in advance about the schools for your children if relevant, taxes, mortgage if you need one etc…

4. Find help

In a nutshell, either find contacts, friends or a trustworthy professional.

Yes, moving to Madrid is not as easy at it seems, and without support, it is too stressful, time-consuming and expensive in the end.
For instance, apartment quality standards are not what you expect, especially when you come from the USA.


5. Do It

Finally, just move and enjoy the ride. Remember how all this was a dream, then a plan, and finally your new every day reality.

Wait… In fact, it might become your every-day dream. Enjoy.


If you need help to ensure a zen move to Madrid, do not hesitate to send us an email !


Yours madridly,



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2 responses to “You Have the Madrid Dream. Now You Need a Plan.”

  1. Thank you for your comment Howard !

    200,000 USD will get you around 150 000 €. A few metro stops outside the city center, this could get you between 100 and 125 m2, in which can fit 3 bedrooms.

    All the best,

  2. howard,from massachusetts,usa says:

    impressive website.
    what will 200,000 cash/u.s buy me a few metro stops outside city center….am interested in buying a property/apartment…..3 bdrms….want to press for a desperation sale from owner at giveaway price…i can wait

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