Closing cost calculator for buyers in Madrid

The calculator below gives you a first overview of the hidden costs behind closing a property in Madrid.

Key Notes


Our closing cost calculator tells you how much money you need for the purchase of a property in Madrid. However, this is not the full story!

You will most likely have to invest in some level of refurbishment and applying for mortgage has a cost too. On top of that as a non resident you will be facing overheads like:

  • Applying for a Nie
  • Opening a bank account
  • Flying in and out of Madrid
  • Dealing with language barrier when negotiation or even viewing properties
  • Finding capable professionals such as lawyer and architect who more often than not are key to a safe purchase

At Moving2Madrid we provide a comprehensive service for foreigner who look to buy or invest in Madrid saving them time and money along the way.
Book a free consultation today to kickstart your investment or lifetyle project in Madrid!

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